[PHILIPPINES TRAVEL UPDATE] TRAZE App is Now Required for Passengers Flying to and from the Philippines starting November 28, 2020 According to DOTr (as of October 28, 2020)


Passengers traveling to or from the Philippines will now need to download the contact tracing app: Traze, which was recently had its soft launching last October 28, 2020 by the Department of Transportation (DOTr) with partnership of Philippine Ports Authority (PPA) and Cosmotech Philippines, Inc. The contact tracing app will be mandatory for all passengers in every Philippine airports nationwide by November 28.


What is TRAZE?

TRAZE is a nationwide and unified contact tracing app that automates manual contact tracing by using QR code scanning making the tedious manual tracing process that is done in several days now lessen in just a few minutes.


A traveler finished scanning the QR code on their phone using the Traze App
Photo from Traze Facebook page

It also assures that data provided is safe and secured as the app fully complies with the Data Privacy Act (DPA) or Republic Act No. 10173. It allows anonymous registration and optional submission of personal information (i.e. mobile phone, email address).


And if you are still worried about your information may be compromised, rest assured, the collected data from Traze is not stored permanently and will be deleted every 30 days. It doesn’t employ GPS or Bluetooth technology, meaning that it does not track your location when the app is on. You don't have to worry about connecting to a Wi-Fi nor need a fast data to update your Traze history, the app will still work even if it's offline making it pretty easy to use for all individuals.


Philippine Airline Aircrafts at the Runway in Ninoy Aquino International Airport

How does it work?

Passengers will scan the QR codes at designated areas of the airport or other establishment with their own QR Code. An in-app notification will be sent to individuals who may have had contact to an identified COVID-19 patient. With this, they could immediately observe self-isolation procedure, and other health and sanitation precautionary measures if symptoms occur to protect their families and loved ones.


Here are steps to register on the app:

• Download the TRAZE App from your mobile store and install it on your phone

• Open the app and click the “Register” button below. Register as “Individual.”

• Follow the instructions indicated in the app and input the needed information

• Activate your account


Clark International Airport in Pampanga

What if you don’t have a phone?

If you don’t have a phone or have run out of data, every airport will be equipped with a Malasakit Helpdesk that can aid you in acquiring a unique QR code. The app is based on QR codes to maximize contactless processes.


Mactan, Cebu International Airport

How does Traze help control the pandemic?

A widespread contact tracing is a vital part in gradually lifting lockdown and control the increasing number of cases. Countries like South Korea and Singapore, credit contact tracing and fast government response for their success.

With nationwide coverage, Traze has complete vigilance to trace individuals, establishments, logistics, and transportation systems such as trains, vessels, airplanes, jeepneys, taxis, PUVs, and even tricycles, among others.


Download the Traze app now for easy contact tracing whenever you travel
Photo from Traze Facebook page

As Philippines is slowly opening its borders, a contact tracing app like Traze would help not only to ease manually tracing your steps but it would also help you be aware whether you had a contact with a COVID-19 patient.



Department of Transportation (DOTr) 






Take care and stay safe, everyone. 


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