[TAIWAN, CRUISE] Dream Cruises Launches Flexi-Feast Dining Concept at Sea

Travelers on Explorer Dream’s island-hopping itinerary will enjoy complimentary dining vouchers to customize a gourmet experience of their dreams. 
The first international cruise company to resume operations, Dream Cruises deployed Explorer Dream in Taiwan where she will begin island-hopping itineraries out of Keelung to Penghu, Matsu, Kinmen, and Hualien from July 26 onwards. Guests on this cruise will also see the debut of the new Flexi-Feast dining concept which allows unprecedented flexibility for a completely customized dining experience at sea by allowing passengers the freedom to choose from a wider choice of venues and to dine at their leisure. As well, Flexi-Feast will provide additional peace of mind for guests by helping to ease bottlenecks at certain venues for a more spacious and more comfortable environment onboard. 

Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises

Mr. Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises says, “Gastronomy is an integral part of a memorable voyage. The Flexi-Feast concept on Explorer Dream will open doors to a new world of customized dining at sea, curated by the preferences and habits of each individual traveler. We are confident that this innovative concept will cater to the expectations of discerning travelers who look for flexibility and autonomy in their dining experiences.” 

Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises

“As we enter into a post-COVID-19 new norm of cruising, the Flexi-Feast strategy will also help us provide better social distancing at our dining venues by seating our guests across all our restaurants instead of concentrating on a few inclusive ones,” Mr. Goh continued. “We will continue to adhere to our stringent preventive measures on various aspects of the cruise journey, including comprehensive guidelines and protocols on food hygiene practices and standards, to ensure that travelers will be kept safe and reassured on their cruise journey,” 

Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises

This innovative concept will allow travelers the flexibility to mix and match different food and beverage options that are available on-board, based on their habits and preferences, for a more comprehensive and personalized dining experience at sea. Instead of following a rigid schedule of three meals a day, guests now have the option of sleeping in and enjoying a scrumptious brunch at the restaurant of their choice at their leisure or skip dinner to catch the last stage performance of the day, then have a delicious meal by room service, thanks to the flexibility of the Flexi Feast dining vouchers. 

Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises

The Flexi-Feast dining concept will be applicable to all sailings of Explorer Dream’s island-hopping itinerary in Taiwan. Guests* will receive a set of complimentary dining vouchers upon embarkation, which can be used to redeem set meals at designated restaurants. Alternatively, the vouchers will be honored as onboard dining credits at specialty restaurants and bars, as well as for room service.  

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Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises

Explorer Dream has also worked closely with local government and health authorities to ensure all aspects of the ship meet official health and safety guidelines. Upon arrival in Keelung, the crew immediately began 14 days of quarantine on land, while the cruise ship underwent a thorough deep cleaning in accordance with the EU standard.  

Photo courtesy of Dream Cruises

Prior to the inaugural sailing on July 26, Explorer Dream also participated in an outbreak simulation drill under the guidance of the Taiwan Centers for Disease Control. Medical experts from the Taiwan Public Health Association consulted on the drill with professional advice to ensure the seamless execution of preventive measures both onboard and onshore. Dream Cruises has also been exploring with local authorities the feasibility of hosting a medical professional aboard the ship to work as a consultant in collaboration with two in-house professional doctors, including the newly-added on-board Infection Control Officer, to ensure the smooth execution of preventive measures onboard.

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