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Monday, February 17, 2020

[KOREA VISA UPDATE] Guide on How to Process Korean Visa for Filipinos 2020 Update

Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea

Although younger Filipinos or the so-called young urban professionals (yuppies) are becoming capable travelers many are still hesitant to travel to countries with strict visa requirements due to the inability to comply with the required documents. Another reason is that they don't know what to do and have so many questions in mind. 

Myeongdong Shopping District, Seoul, South Korea. One of the most popular shopping destinations in Seoul.

Here's a guide for you on how to process your Korean visa:

Go to an accredited travel agency. The Korean Embassy is no longer accepting walk-in clients since July 1, 2018, unless you are a spouse or a child of a Korean citizen, a government employee with an official business trip, or someone with urgent humanitarian reasons. 

Rakso Travel is an accredited partner of the Korean Embassy in the Philippines that can assist you in processing your Korean visa. Just bring the complete requirements to one of their offices and you'll have a hassle-free filing. But I recommend you to call them at 8651-9000 or chat with them online through www.RAKSOTRAVEL.com so you'll be instructed on what to do before submitting your documents. 

The ceremony of changing of the guards at Gyeongbok Palace, Seoul, South Korea.

Frequently Asked Questions

1.) Processing Time. How long does it take to process a visa application? 

Due to the volume of daily visa filing in the embassy nowadays, the 4 to 7 working days process before has been extended to 25 to 27 days. This processing time is applicable up to the end of February 2020. However, by March 1, 2020, the current processing period of 25 to 27 days will be reduced to 10 to 15 days. 

Official visa announcement/release of the Embassy of Korea in the Philippines last Jan 20, 2020. Screen capture as of Feb 17, 2020.

2.) What if I don't have an ITR? Is there any alternative?

Income Tax Return (ITR / BIR Form 2316) is one of the major requirements of the Korean Embassy for travelers. But if you fail to provide an ITR, you can submit an explanation letter issued by your employer. If newly hired, just submit an application for registration which is called the BIR form 1902. If you are an OFW, you can submit your BIR Tax Exemption Certificate as an alternative.

How about if I'm a fresh graduate and no job yet?
You need to submit a copy of your diploma or certificate of graduation and transcript of record (TOR). 

Experience Hanbok wearing at Gyeongbok Palace. Hanbok is the traditional Korean Dress.  

3.) Who can support my travel? (Aside from the applicant's documents) 

Only immediate family members and employers can support a certain traveler.

If supported by immediate family members, general requirements must be submitted, plus a proof of relationship (issued Philippine Statistics Authority (PSA) birth certificate and/or marriage contract);

If supported by the employer, business documents must be submitted, plus a sponsorship letter with the company’s letterhead.

Note: The documents mentioned here are additional to the applicant's requirements.

Image of Won, the South Korea currency 

4.) If traveling with family, will a birth certificate be still needed?

Yes, PSA issued birth certificate/s are required and visa application of all the family members who will join the tour must be filed and processed at the same time. 

Experience South Korea's delectable cuisine

5.) When is the perfect time for me to apply for a Korean visa?

It is recommended to file a visa at least 1 and a half months or 2 months prior to your departure date. The Korean visa is valid only for 3 months upon issuance. 

Visiting South Korea is not complete without trying the Korean Street Foods

6.) Is there a chance that the embassy will require other documents aside from the ones already submitted?

Yes, but this is a rare case. Just be ready with the document/s if they ask additional ones. 

Lotte Theme Park, Seoul, South Korea

7.) What if I'm denied, will I be able to apply again?

Yes, you can reapply after 6 months. 

The Iconic Namsan Tower or commonly known as N' Seoul Tower

The N' Seoul Tower's Love Lock. 

Fellow traveler, please take note that accredited agencies like RAKSO TRAVEL can only assist you with the filing and processing but they cannot guarantee the result of the application. The approval or denial of your application is upon the discretion of the Korean Embassy. 

Korea Train Express or commonly known as KTX. This is a high-speed train was featured in the movie 'Train to Busan'. The train line caters Seoul to Busan vise versa.  

I hope these simple guidelines have helped in answering your questions about processing Korean visa. 

For more inquiries, you may call Rakso Travel at 8651-9000, send an email to support@raksotravel.com, or chat with them live at www.RAKSOTRAVEL.com. You may also check available Korea tour packages

Stay tuned for more.
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