5 Best Places to visit in South Korea’s Capital City – Seoul

Vacation time is just around the corner and it's planning time again in line with the Holy week and long vacations for students this summer in the Philippines. As always, part of the bucket list for Filipino travelers are Asia's metropolitan cities. One of the most favorites not just for family but for younger generations who have been influenced by the Korean fever - Hallyu is South Korea’s capital, Seoul. South Korea as known to many with 4-seasons so choose which season you want to visit: spring (March to May), summer (June to August), autumn or fall (September to November), and winter (December to February).

To give you some travel tips and guides that might be of help during your travel adventure in SeoulSouth Korea, here are some of the MOST-VISITED tourist attractions that you shouldn’t miss.

Enjoy strolling around Myeongdong at night

Must-try street foods in Myeongdong that you can't surely miss

Known as one of the best shopping areas in Seoul, South Korea, Myeong-dong Street offers premium & branded items such as bags, shoes, clothes, accessories, perfumes, etc., at a very reasonable price. It is also considered by locals and tourists as one of the most vibrant shopping streets in Seoul where everyone enjoys their shopping spree experience. Around Myeong-dong, you can also see restaurants, food stalls, hair salons, banks and so much more. But did you know the best thing everyone truly loves about Myeong-dong? The Korean cosmetics like Tonymoly, Faceshop, Nature Republic, Saturday Skin, Green Tea Purifying Clay Mask, Erborian, Holika Holika, etc. So ready your itinerary and don't miss shopping here!

2.    HongdaeSeoulSouth Korea 
Experience shopping, music, fashion, arts, and food spots in Hongdae

Aside from Myeongdong Street & Dongdaemun Shopping Complex, did you know that there's another popular shopping district located in South Korea? It’s Hongdae. Located close by in some of the popular universities in Seoul (Hongik University, Ehwa University, and Yonsei University), Hongdae is famous for its shops, clubs, pubs, restaurants, food stalls, outdoor stage for band performance, various graffiti paintings or designs, and one of the best spots to experience a vibrant nightlife and lively culture both loved by locals and tourists. It is also a perfect place to look for what’s trending in the country (music, fashion, arts, etc). 

3.    Lotte WorldSeoulSouth Korea  
The tempting view of Lotte World - South Korea's largest indoor theme park

Try an exhilarating adventure when you ride in Lotte World's "Gyro Swing"

Welcome yourself in the largest indoor theme park and major recreation complex in Seoul, South Korea – Lotte World. Created to provide leisure, entertainment, fun, and excitement, some of Lotte World’s attractions that give new and satisfying experiences are: Across Dark, The Conquistador, Camelot Carousel, Jungle Adventure, The Adventure of Sinbad and so much more! 

Oops, here's a quick tip for you. When around Lotte World, don’t forget to roam and visit the Lotte World Aquarium, Lotte World Tower (tallest building in South Korea), Lotte World Museum, Lotte Hotel World, Lotte World Mall, and Seokchon Lake Park.

4.    Namsan Seoul Tower or popularly known as N Seoul TowerSeoulSouth Korea
Namsan Tower during the autumn season

One of Seoul's popular activities for couples - Love Lock/ Locks of Love

Did you know that one of the tallest towers in South Korea is located in the Namsan Mountain? Yes, it's true. It's the Namsan Seoul Tower, popularly known as the N Seoul Tower. It was first established as South Korea's first integrated transmission tower beaming television & radio broadcasts across the city. It was opened to the public since 1980 and now became one of the much-loved landmarks in South Korea. Some of its main activities are the 360-degree view around the city and the “Locks of Love” (Love Lock), where couple attached padlocks to the fence which symbolizes their undying affection toward each other.
5.    Gyeongbokgung PalaceSeoulSouth Korea
The breathtaking scenery outside Gyeongbok Palace

Once became the  Royal Palace of the Joseon dynasty - Gyeongbok Palace

Built during the Joseon Dynasty in 1395, GyeongbokgungPalace (Gyeongbok) is the most beautiful, largest, and first-ever palace of South Korea. It is commonly known as the Northern Palace (located north of Gwanghwamun Square) at the heart of South Korea’s Capital City – Seoul (formerly known as Hanyang). During the Japanese occupation where many buildings in the area were damaged, the Korean government invested time & effort to rebuild and restore the palace for future generations. Up to this date, Gyeongbok Palace is considered by many as one of the most-visited tourist attractions in South Korea. 

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Flights & Recommended Itinerary:
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Reference: Google (As of Feb 7, 2020)

When in Korea, visit N Seoul TowerMyeong-dongGyeongbok Palace Hongdae, and Lotte World in just 1 day. To start your adventure, you can explore N Seoul Tower, Myeongdong, and Gyeongbok Palace in the morning, and proceed to visiting Hongdae and Lotte World in the afternoon. 

Official language:
The official language of Korea is Korean, also known as Hangul

South Korea’s currency is recognized as WON or Korean Won with a code - KRW and a symbol - ₩.

Korean Won paper bills and coins

To get around Seoul city in the most convenient and comfortable way, Subways are highly recommended. With approximately nine (9) major subway lines that run all throughout the city, it’s no wonder why locals & even tourists favored it a lot compared to others.

Korean Train Express, also known as KTX
Outside the Seoul Station

Other modes of transportation: Train, Bus, & Taxi

Must-try Delicacies & Beverages:
Whether it’s cold or hot, never missed a chance to have a taste of its popular:
Dishes: Kimchi, Bibimbap, & Bulgogi
Snacks/ Street Foods: Tteokbokki, Sundae, & Odeng
Drinks: Soju

Must-try street foods when in Korea

Custom & Tradition:
Korea's Traditional Costume that was worn daily centuries ago is HANBOK. The term “Hanbok” literally means Korean clothing. These days, Hanbok is only worn during special events or gatherings.

Hanbok for men & women 
Hanbok for women

When traveling to Korea for Philippine Passport holder, make sure that your passport is valid for more than six  (6) months prior to your intended travel date. Please note as well that you must be at the airport three (3) hours prior to your departure time.

Last September 30, 2019, the Korea Embassy extended its visa processing time from 10 days to 2 months due to the upsurge of Korea Visa applicants. This just proves how huge the popularity of Korean culture in the Philippines. To check the full list of Korea's Visa Requirements, click here.

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