RAKSO TRAVEL Partners with the Incheon Tourism Organization

Most countries went on lockdown in 2020, including South Korea which also closed its borders to tourists, only allowing a few people to enter for special cases. 

Since announcing that they have opened its borders, South Korea is now promoting its tourism to the world. With this news, the majority of Filipinos are now excited to see South Korea once again.

Last June 27, 2022, Rakso Travel signed an exclusive Memorandum of Understanding with the Incheon Tourism Organization bolstering tourism in the City of Incheon, South Korea. 

MOU Signing. Rakso Air Travel & Tours, Inc. Chief Operations Officer Dong Seol Kim (left) and Incheon Tourism Organization Chief Executive Officer Mr. Min Min Hong (right) led the MOU signing of partnership for tourism development of Incheon, South Korea. Held on June 27, 2022, at Rakso Travel Makati Head Office.


Many people forget that Incheon is not only just a location where you can find one of the well-known international airports in South Korea. Incheon apart from being a major gateway to the country is actually filled with places that you can visit.  

Songdo Central Park at twilight

As South Korea is not only known for the preservation of its cultural and historical sites but also known for leading the race to develop smart cities where it can also resolve many urban and environmental issues and Incheon City is one of those. 

Image by Alfonso Jung from Pixabay

Apart from being known for its technology, Incheon can also offer you locations that you can visit, like the Songdo Central Park, which an eco-friendly, but also enjoy and educate urban parks in Korea. 

Image by Alfonso Jung from Pixabay

Since Incheon is also a coastal area, sunsets  (or sunrise) at the beach are a given.

Image by 승배 김 from Pixabay 

And if you're feeling extra and want a more tranquil place to see, the rock formation at Baengnyeongdo Island might be the answer, or how about the Sorae Ecology Park, where you'll also find several traditional looking windmills standing as what was known to be Salt Farm back in the days.

 Rock Formation located in Baengnyeongdo Island; Image by  kevin lee from Pixabay

Sorae Ecology Park; Photo by Mathew Schwartz on Unsplash

Tourists can experience new ways of tourism in Incheon, South Korea. Expect Rakso Travel to deliver you new tours to the City of Incheon. 


For more travel information, visit Rakso Travel's website at  www.RAKSOTRAVEL.com, send an email to support@raksotravel.com, or call 8651-9000.

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