Keychains: A Powerful Piece of Travel Memorabilia

A memory, according to the textbook definition, is 'something remembered from the past or a recollection'. Our memories are part of our subconscious and conscious minds. It can be something that we remember for as long as we can, or might fade with time. 

Psychologists oftentimes suggest having trigger objects when it comes to remembering past memories. One trigger object that may let us remember an event or a special moment that we don't want to forget is a keychain. 

Keychains are a type of souvenirs that we can collect from, let's say... your travels. Keychains are handy decorations and tools to keep all your keys in one place. But key chains hold another significant identity other than being 'just' a souvenir. They can be your trigger object to a memory that's been kept and well stored in your mind. 

Keychains are honestly the best and inexpensive souvenirs that won't break your bank. When traveling we always wanted something to bring home from our trips from anywhere. Like when you go on a beach vacation, you'd like to bring a small bottle containing a small amount of sand in it, or maybe a piece of tiny rock from your trek, maybe a tissue paper from a cafe you went to in Paris. And admittedly some receipts you receive from stores where you buy stuff or ate. 

But when going back home, we sometimes want to share that experience with our friends and family. Some buy candies, some buy souvenirs like accessories, postcards, refrigerator magnets, or keychains. 

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As said earlier, keychains are souvenirs that won't break your bank even if you boldly bought them in bulk. There is a lot of it anywhere. Keychains have so many variations that represent either a place or an institution. Keychains for some might hold specific fond memories in this tiny key-holder. 

Like one specific keychain from Israel. This keychain from Jerusalem is different from others but equally unique. They hold a 'Travelers Prayer' at the back while at the front it bears a facade of Jerusalem itself. Some others like from the Philippines can be blessed when bought from a church. 

Other keychains are usually in the shape of an animal unique to the place. For example, in Australia, a Kangaroo and Koala keychain can be found there. In Bohol,  Philippines where Tarsiers (known as the world's smallest monkey) is endemic, can be bought from any souvenir vendor in the province. 

Some hold a symbol that a place is famous for, such as milk tea and pineapple-shaped keychains from Taiwan, a strawberry keychain from Baguio City, Philippines, and a keychain shaped into a map of a country. Maybe a famous tourist destination? Or a flag of a country itself. Or that one keychain from one of the happiest places in the world - Disneyland.

All these Keychains hold several meanings to its owner. A memory that would trigger nostalgia, a reason why we followed our heartbeat to our dream destination, and a reason to share this piece of memory with our family and friends, wishing them that they could do the same. 


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