One with the Unknown - Iceland Elves

(Álfhól, elves houses, and churches built by the people - Photo by sterna_is of Pixabay)

Growing up I am fascinated in reading books about fairy tales, folktales, and fables which further my imagination.

Most cultures have their own mysterious creatures unseen by the human eyes. In the Philippines we have Aswang, a shape-shifting creature, Sirena, a water creature with a human-like upper body and the body of a fish from waist down which is similar to mermaids, Engkanto which are environmental human-like beings and Duwende which is small magical beings. Reading stories about these creatures makes me believe that they do really exist, though our belief in magical creatures fades away with childhood, in Iceland their magical creatures, specifically Elves are not just for kids as they still believe in the existence of Elves.


The story begins with a traveler who gets lost and stumbles upon a farm one night. He knocks on the door and is greeted by an elderly woman who invites him in. The woman provides him with dinner and introduces the traveler to her daughters. The traveler is then given a bed for the night, and he asks if one of the woman’s daughters could keep him company, a request which the elderly woman agrees to. In bed, the traveler tries to embrace the young lady, but his hands pass through her. The traveler asked about what was going on and was told the story of the Huldufólk.


In this tale, the Huldufólk came into being following the revolt of Lucifer in Heaven, as they were those who neither supported nor opposed the Devil and his fallen angels. As a result of their neutrality, the Huldufólk were driven down to earth and forced to live in the rocks and hills.


It is common in Iceland that people still believe in huldufólk - hidden people or elves and they have lived with it.


Traveling to Iceland will give us the opportunity to visit the location of thousands of years of legends and folklore. Experience Icelandic culture by learning its unique folklore. Prepare your cameras and get ready to take pictures of Álfhól. In Iceland, people constructed Álfhól - small wooden houses for the benefit of the elves who are said and believed to be living with them. We can even see very small churches, which are created to convert the elves to Christianity, well this sounds interesting, right?


Tale about Elves was put into good use as Iceland has an organization called Icelandic Elf School that offers lectures and guided tours about Icelandic Folklore. This kind of attraction and activity will take out each and every traveler's imagination and creativity.


The next time we talk about Iceland it will not be limited to their famous Northern Lights and Glaciers which is really majestic but it will be added with its unbelievable folktales that will really tickle our imagination.

Truly, Iceland’s history and geography created the perfect setting for magical creatures and definitely for travelers like us too.

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Article Contributed by: Arby Lipang




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