Why should Jeonju be part of your next visit to South Korea?


Do-It-Yourself travel, shortly called DIY, has been one of the best options for Filipino travelers. They can organize their tours on their preference from scheduling their journey, planning where to stay, what airline to take, and which destinations to visit. Travelers can budget their trip and at the same time learn the local transportation system of the country.


South Korea is an Asian country that travelers love to visit with their perfectly arranged itinerary that they can enjoy. With just a few hour's drive from Incheon International Airport, you will arrive at the center and capital of the country - Seoul City, in which you can freely roam around due to their high quality of transportation.


How to go to Jeonju from Seoul?

Most travelers are unaware that there is so much more to explore outside Seoul. In just less than 2 hours via express train or 3 hours via regular bus from Seoul, you can already visit the North Jeolla Province, wherein the "Perfect Region" - Jeonju City is located.


What to see or what to do in Jeonju?


"Hanok" or South Korea's traditional houses reflect the architectural practice and history of Korea, which you will be able to see when you visit Jeonju City. Jeonju Hanok Village boasts its iconic tile-roofed, which makes the village very popular with tourists. These are usually guesthouses with a unique floor heating system called 'ondol,' and others are café, shops and restaurants, and the most visited hanbok rental shops.

Hanbok refers to the country's traditional clothing, which we usually see in historical Korean dramas making its way to satisfy tourists when they visit Jeonju Hanok Village. With different styles you can choose from, you can roam around the village and take your best shot with your loved ones or even your friends! You may have your photos printed in studios around the village or photo booths that you can operate yourself. Make sure to have your extra cash with you.

Feel like you're in a Korean historical drama as you wear your beautiful hanbok dress while roaming around the Gyeonggijeon Shrine. In the hall inside the shrine, the portrait of King Tae-jo, the founder of the Joseon Dynasty, is displayed and designated as a National Treasure in South Korea.

Don't forget to visit the first historical holy site built in 1914 to honor the late Korean martyrs who were executed in the same spot, the Jeondong Catholic Cathedral. It has a resemblance with the Myeongdong Cathedral in Seoul as Priest Poinel designed it the same.


Signature Dish of Jeonju

Jeonju City treasures the slowness of their traditional cuisine from a fast-paced world, in which they have been categorized as Slow City.

You can satisfy your cravings with their signature dish called Bibimbap, a rice bowl with flavorful veggies and red pepper paste. Fried eggs and different kinds of meat are usually added to the dish stirred thoroughly before eating. Another famous delicacy that Jeonju offers is the Hanjeongsik or the traditional full-course meal. Hanjeongsik is the finest meal that is believed to be served to the royals during the early times. It consists of different delicacies that are placed on one table.


These are just a few of the many activities that you can experience when you visit the Perfect Region of South Korea - Jeonju City.


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Blog contributed by: Nina Gabica

Photos by: Nina Gabica


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