What does 'Kiwi' in New Zealand mean?

Have you ever heard the word “Kiwi”? Of course, you do. This single word means so much and I realized that when I went to New Zealand. Traveling to this stunning country will leave you in awe of their picturesque nature and peaceful environment. Although I was captivated by the beauty of New Zealand, there are three (3) things, one (1) word that made me more interested in this country and that is - “Kiwi”.


Long before the only Kiwi, I am fond of is the Kiwi fruit. Its brownish-green fuzzy skin was a standout, while its flesh tastes like a pineapple and a berry which I really like. According to Wikipedia, Kiwifruit or kiwi is a main horticultural export earner for New Zealand. They have developed export markets that make the fruit in demand. The cultivation of this fruit starts in China and the seeds of this fruit were introduced to New Zealand. The popularity of this fruit paved a long way that even a tour is conducted in order to accommodate tourists who want to see and eat this mouth-watering fruit. You may experience this Kiwi farm tour at Agrodome Farm.

Kiwi Fruit Picking in Agrodome Farm

The second Kiwi I am introduced to is “One of the unique finds in New Zealand." It is their nocturnal flightless bird which they call Kiwi, kiwi bird for others. This is the national symbol of New Zealand, nowadays Kiwis are considered endangered which is why they are taking good care of these birds. 

Did you know that these birds are the only bird in the world with nostrils at the end of its beak? Alongside is a sensory pit that lets them sense prey that might be around. Some people might consider Kiwi birds as cute but they can be very fierce and territorial at some point. Who wouldn’t love to see these iconic birds in real life? I was able to see them during our tour at Paradise Valley / Fairy Springs. Well if you do agree, it is one of the reasons why I am still fascinated with it, this bird’s mysterious characteristic is surreal.

Kiwi Bird, the Great Spotted Kiwi one of the 5 species of Kiwi

Lastly but yet one of the most important Kiwi are the people of New Zealand. My trip to New Zealand was one of the most exciting experiences of mine, not only because of the beautiful places, good food, and unique finds but also because of the people we meet. I can say that Kiwis are very hospitable. The name ‘kiwi’ which New Zealanders are called comes from the nocturnal flightless bird which was really important for the New Zealanders. It was during the war which the New Zealand soldiers were tagged as “kiwis'' and that name was called to the people of New Zealand even up to this time. Eventually, the term Kiwi was recognized by all New Zealanders who proudly embraced this tag just like the bird, New Zealanders are unique, adaptable, and hospitable.

Maori chant/concert

So now when people say “Kiwi”, ask them which one are they pertaining to? And let them know that these New Zealand Kiwis are one or should I say three of the major reasons why they need to go to the land of the Kiwis – New Zealand.

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