[TRAVEL TIPS] Rakso Travel's Health & Safety Protocols in the New Normal


Ever since the Covid-19 pandemic stopped worldwide adventures and sightseeing, we at Rakso Travel & Tours, Inc. has tirelessly worked towards the day when we will all be allowed to explore new lands and see new sights. Of course, your health and safety is paramount and this is why we have compiled various protocols from around the world and came up with the RAKSO HEALTH & SAFETY PROTOCOLS. With this, we hope that not only we enjoy our much-missed tours but enjoy them in safety.  

A. Pre-departure & Return

  • RT-PCR test with a negative result at least 3 days before departure.
  • Travel health insurance with COVID-19 coverage.
  • Mandatory use of TRAZE App.
  • Closed-circuit round-trip transfers.
  • Mandatory temperature check before entering the vehicle.
  • Travelers who have a fever or any symptoms whatsoever will not be allowed to travel.
  • Upon return, local guidelines, and protocols set by IATF will be imposed.


B. Transportation

  • All transportation used during tours will operate at 50% capacity.
  • Get off the bus only if necessary. 
  • The use of face masks is mandatory. Passengers are encouraged to bring their own masks but an emergency supply will be available at the vehicle.
  • Each traveler will be seated to practice social distancing at least 1 seat apart. 
  • Fixed seating arrangements for the duration of tour or transfer in the same vehicle.
  • Hand Sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol will be placed near the entrance.
  • Vehicles regularly disinfected and cleaned. No leftover materials from previous groups. 
  • Driver will sanitize hands before and after loading the luggage. Use of gloves is encouraged. 
  • When entering and exiting the vehicle, the tour leaders will manage the procedure so as to prevent crowding.  
  • Speaking inside the transport should be at a minimum.


C. Hotels

  • Hotels will abide by local regulations and guidelines such as temperature checks and disinfection procedures. 
  • Service will be as exemplary as per usual but with a limit to physical contact. 
  • All guests and hotel staff will wear face masks.
  • There will be no buffet meals. Meals will instead be served.
  • Each room will be provided with hand sanitizers of at least 60% alcohol.
  • Where possible, room service will be made available for guests, subject to the hotel category and group size.
  • Spa facilities may operate under strict social distancing rules. Pre-booking may be required.
  • Carrying your own luggage is highly recommended.


D. Restaurants

  • All restaurants will abide by local regulations and guidelines such as temperature checks, disinfectants, and usage of face shields. 
  • Buffets will be avoided as much as possible; meals will instead be served. 
  • Seating will be at least 1 seat apart with each table at 50% capacity.
  • All staff will wear masks & shields as per local regulations.
  • Travelers will wear masks when not eating.
  • Hand sanitizers with at least 60% alcohol should be placed in strategic locations.
  • Minimize the use of paper materials like the menu. 
  • All Utensils are sanitized properly after every client’s use.


E. Tourist Attractions, Venues & Events

  • Tourist attractions or venues will operate based on the protocols and regulations of the local government, which is often changing. We will not be liable for any shutdown or any event that prevents any highlighted attraction from being visited. Instead, we will, to the best of our ability substitute another attraction that is suitable.
  • All high contact surfaces should be disinfected properly.
  • Disinfections stations at all entrances and exits as well as other high traffic locations.
  • Social distancing practiced in all areas. 
  • Wear face masks at all times.
  • Dedicated or personnel to monitor food stations and places of congregations like toilets and queues. 
  • Group sizes may be restricted.
  • Close contact activities will not be allowed.
  • Any activity that may require tools or equipment will be properly monitored with each tool disinfected properly after each use.
  • Sharing of such tools or equipment will be restricted.


F. Tour Managers & Local Guides

  • The tour manager or guide will act as health and safety officers that will ensure that social distancing will be maintained properly and that masks are worn at all times. For this reason, each tour guide will only be allowed to handle a maximum of 10 pax.
  • The tour manager will always make sure that extra masks and sanitizers are available.
  • The tour manager will always have a thermometer on hand and check passengers every day or more if there is a cause. 
  • No printed materials during tours. Everything will be digital. 
  • Tour Managers will have a negative RT-PCR test before handling a group. 
  • Local guides will always wear masks and disinfect often. They will minimize close physical contact with travelers. 


Local government procedures or protocols often change and therefore we will not be held liable to any loss that was caused by such. Despite the above rules, your participation on this trip is voluntary and therefore any sickness or injury you have sustained while on this trip is not the fault of Rakso Travel & Tours, Inc.


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