[TRAVEL ADVISORY] Japan Airlines Passengers traveling on JAL International Flights are “JAL Covid-19 Cover” (as of Dec 11, 2020)

[UPDATE AS OF DEC 11, 2020]

Please be informed that Japan Airlines’ will provide passengers traveling on JAL international flights with “JAL Covid-19 Cover”. JAL has teamed up with Allianz to provide complimentary cover for medical, testing and quarantine costs in the event that their customers test positive for Covid-19 during their travel. In addition, JAL have set up a 24-hour support line that customers can contact from anywhere in the world if they suspect they have been infected with the coronavirus that causes Covid-19. Cover applies for a limited time from December 23, 2020. Please see below for further details.


1. Applicable period: Flights departing on/after December 23, 2020 and on/before June 30, 2021.

2. Applicable flights: JAL international flights (operated by JAL with JL flight numbers) *codeshare flights operated by other airlines are not applicable.

3. Service Detail:

(1) Compensation for expenses incurred for Covid-19 testing, medical expenses and quarantine costs if a passenger test positive to Covid-19 during travel.

Expenses covered:

  • Medical expenses: up to 150,000 euros per applicable travel period.

(Covers hospital expenses incurred during treatment.)

  • Quarantine accommodation costs: Up to 100 euros per person per day for up to

14 days.

  • Medical evacuation: Up to 1,500 euros per person.

(Covers medical evacuation to the passenger’s country of residence if deemed necessary by a medical practitioner.)

  • Repatriation of the body: Up to 1,500 euros per person.

(2) 24-hour consultation service available from anywhere in the world


4. Registration fee: Free of charge

This service is provided automatically when you purchase a JAL ticket and no separate registration is required.


5. Condition of cover: Once a positive test result has been confirmed. If the result is positive, related medical expenses incurred before that time are also covered.

6. Period of cover: Valid for 31 days from the date of boarding an eligible JAL international flight. There is no restriction on the date of purchase of the ticket.

  • Cover is based on the date of departure of the first JAL-operated international flight with a JL flight number, which must be within the applicable period of cover.
  • However, the cover is not available in the passenger’s country of residence and ends once the passenger returns to their country of residence.


7. Other points to bear in mind:

  • The passenger needs to contact the JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance line in advance for cover to apply.
  • If the passenger pays for expenses themselves, they cannot request reimbursement later.
  • If the passenger experiences any Covid-19 related symptoms they should immediately contact the JAL Covid-19 Cover Assistance line.


8. Further details and inquiries:

For further information about this service, please check the following website:


Reference: Japan Airlines Advisory 2020-046 as of Dec 14, 2020


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