[BOSEONG, SOUTH KOREA] Korea's Largest Tea Plantation

Photo by Quang Nguyen Vinh from Pexels

Located at Boseong County, the largest Korean Green Tea Plantation is also known as 'Daehan Dawon'. Many people consider the plantation one of the beautiful sites in South Korea. 

Photo by Nadine Claveria

Covered with green rolling hills of the symmetrical tea bushes. The plantation is considered as one of the biggest makers of green tea products and also a popular tourist attraction.  

Photo by Nadine Claveria

Approximately 5.8 million plants are inhabiting the area, the harvested plants are used to make 'yubi-cha' which is considered to be Korea's best variety of tea due to its unique and pleasing taste. This plantation is also the shooting place of one of the best Korean drama “The Legend of the Blue Sea” starring the famous Korean actor Lee Min Ho and Jun Ji Hyun. 
Photo by Nadine Claveria
The Cedar Path is the most famous attraction in the area. Get a chance to have a nice dramatic photo of the fields. Walkthrough this path while taking pictures and admiring the wide green bushes going to the top. Photo below of the view to the Cedar path. 
Photo by Nadine Claveria

A nice panoramic view of the green tea fields from the balcony. 

Photo by Nadine Claveria
What else to do? 
After a tiring walk and a lot of picture taking, you can enjoy a cold green tea ice cream for all the matcha lovers who want to visit the place. 

Photo by Nadine Claveria
Although you get exhausted roaming around the place, all of it will be bearable because you'll be able to witness the magnificent view of the whole plantation. Aside from the flower fields that most girls want to visit and take pictures, try to visit the largest green tree plantation and get a chance to capture the nice view of the scenic place. 

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