[TRAVEL ADVISORY] Philippine Airlines Distancing Seats Option for its Flights, Frequently Asked Questions

Like many airlines, Philippine Airlines will be implementing Onboard Distancing Seat Options in all flights as an added safety measure so that passengers can enjoy a healthy, safe, and clean environment on their flight, a redefined 'customer journey' that ensures peace of mind when they travel.  

Frequently Asked Questions: Onboard Distancing 
Q: Will distancing be observed inside PAL’s aircraft? 
A: Passengers can look forward to different seat options. Passengers may avail: 
  • Business Class Seats: Experience ultimate comfort and exclusivity when you book in PAL’s Business Class.  
  • Distancing Seats: Choose to be seated in a section where distancing will be strictly observed when you book in Premium Economy Class or Economy Flex Fares. In this Distancing Section, an aisle or middle seat will be left empty in defined rows per aircraft. 
  • Regular Seats: Choose to be seated in our section where Distancing will be observed depending on space availability. This option is ideal for groups who wish to be seated together. 
Reserving a seat in advance gives passengers the comfort of being seated with their travel companion/s and in their preferred location within their designated cabin class. Seat assignments, however, may be changed for operational, safety, or legal requirements. 

Seat Map for Onboard Distancing of Philippine Airlines Aircraft Airbus A321neo

Q: When will Distancing Seat Options be available? 
A: Distancing Seat options will be available for purchase in all of our channels starting June 16, 2020 for all PAL and PALexpress flights operating from July 1, 2020. 

Q: Will distancing be implemented across all PAL aircraft? 
A: Yes, all PAL aircraft will have Distancing on Premium Economy and Economy Class Cabin Sections. Our Economy Cabin Class will have a mix of regular and Distancing Seats, while our Premium Economy Class will have purely Distancing Seats only (See appendix A for aircraft seat maps with Distancing Seat options). If you are booked on Business Class, you can also enjoy ultimate comfort and exclusivity or a built-in seat divider. 

Q: Is there an added fee to avail of a Distancing Seat? 
A: Distancing Seat/s is/are included specific fare classes (Economy Flex: Y / S / L / M / H and Premium Economy Class N / W). To know more, you may visit PAL’s website, contact our Global Reservations Hotline (+632 8855-8888) or visit any PAL Ticket Office or Travel Agency nearest you. 

Seat Map for Onboard Distancing of Philippine Airlines Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER

Q: Where can I buy fares with Distancing Seat/s? 
A: You may purchase fares with a Distancing Seat option (Economy Flex and Premium Economy) or a Business Class Seat through all PAL Channels: Website, Mobile App, PAL Ticket Offices, our Global Reservations Hotline (+632 8855-8888) or Travel Agency nearest you starting June 16, 2020. 

Q: I did not purchase a Distancing Seat. Can I still avail of Distancing Seats upon check-in? 
A: Some seats may be left empty depending on the number of passengers in the flight. Rest assured that PAL’s entire fleet of aircraft will continue to undergo rigorous cabin cleaning and disinfection. All contact surfaces are wiped down using stronger cleaning agents, and our aircraft filters are maintained regularly. You may still avail Distancing Seats by paying for the applicable fare difference. 

Q: Can I reserve a seat online? 
A: Yes. Seat Reservation is available for passengers in all fare types and cabin classes up to 2 hours before flight departure on PAL and PALexpress operated flights. 

Seat Map for Onboard Distancing of Philippine Airlines Aircraft Airbus A320

Q: Can I still purchase Choice Seats? 
A: Yes. Choice Seats are still available for purchase depending on the aircraft assigned to your flight. With the distancing measures being observed, we may have limited Choice Seats offer for some aircraft. 

Q: I am a PWD, can I still request for a PWD seat if distancing measures are enforced? 
A: Yes. This is necessary to comply with legal, operational, and safety requirements. 

Q: Will my Distancing Seat be applied to all flights on the ticket? 
A: Not automatically. Passengers need to buy fares with a Distancing Seat option (Economy Flex Fare and Premium Economy Class) for all flights in their ticket. 

Q: I just recovered from COVID-19. Will I be assigned a special seat inflight? 
A: No. Passengers are requested to comply with health requirements and secure clearances (as required by their country or province of destination) before their flight. You must first purchase a fare with distancing seat option (Economy Flex Fare or Premium Economy Class) or a seat/cabin class upgrade if you want added space for your flight. You may also book in Business Class so you can also enjoy ultimate comfort and exclusivity or a built-in seat divider. 

Q: What are HEPA filters inside the aircraft? 
A: A HEPA or high-efficiency particulate air filter can be any filter element rated between 85% and 99.995% removal efficiency. Modern aircraft such as PAL’s, have a cabin air system which delivers approximately 50% outside air and 50% filtered, recirculated air. The recirculated air employs high-efficiency particulate air (HEPA) filters that have a similar performance to those used to keep the air clean in hospital operating rooms and industrial clean rooms. These are effective at capturing greater than 99.9% of the airborne microbes in the filtered air. To learn more about HEPA filters, you may visit, www.iata.org (Keyword search: HEPA filter, cabin air quality). 

Reference: Philippine Airlines 

Take care and stay safe, everyone. 

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