[TRAVEL ADVISORY] Philippine Airlines Distancing Seats Option for its Flights

Philippine Airlines faces the ‘New Normal’ with the same heart and is now adding health and safety measures for its passengers’ peace of mind when they travel. Part of these enhancements is an Onboard Distancing Seat option that they can choose in all of our flights starting July 1. Choose the space that you need for the flight, Distancing seats are now an option in PAL’s flights. 

Passengers may choose the space that they need for their flight: 
Experience ultimate comfort and exclusivity. 
Passengers who book in PAL’s Business Class will experience world-class luxury in the skies. They can indulge in plush seats, an exclusive cabin, and even extra privacy through cabin dividers in our flight. 

Seat Map for Onboard Distancing of Philippine Airlines Aircraft Boeing 777-300ER

Get Distancing Seats. 
Passengers may purchase an Economy Flex or a Premium Economy fare so they can sit in the Distancing Section within their fare type or class of service. Aside from having a middle or an aisle seat left empty beside them, they can also enjoy faster boarding and deplaning as these Distancing Seats are located within rows at the front of the aircraft. 

Seat Map for Onboard Distancing of Philippine Airlines Aircraft Airbus A320 

 Choose to be seated together. 
If passengers are traveling with family, friends, or other passengers needing special assistance, they may choose to be seated in rows where passengers can stay close together. Distancing may be observed, but only subject to space availability. 

Seat Map for Onboard Distancing of Philippine Airlines Aircraft Airbus A321neo

The Distancing Seat option is included if the passenger/s book in the Premium Economy Class (N / W) or in an Economy Flex (Y / S / L / M / H) fare in any of PAL’s channels. 

Philippine Airlines assures travelers with peace of mind and the highest standards of security. Compared to other budget carriers & even some full-service airlines, most PAL aircraft have roomier seat configuration, offering wider seats, more legroom, and more forward space between seat rows. Smooth non-stop flights to/from the Philippines will surely bring the passengers straight to their destination.  

Most importantly, everyone should do their share as responsible travelers so everyone can #FlySafe together. 
Reference: Philippine Airlines 

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Take care and stay safe, everyone.

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