[KOREA VISA UPDATE] Resumption of Short-term Korea Visa Application

The Philippine government has lifted travel restrictions to Filipinos who are leaving the country. However, such travel will only be lifted for special reasons. The Korean Embassy will give an announcement on the resumption of short-term visa issuance from July 9th. 
 Nonetheless, there will be some guidelines and safety measures to follow: 
  1. Due to the decision made by the Central Disaster Safety Headquarters to prevent the spread of the coronavirus in Korea, short-term stay visas are not issued for sightseeing and tourism purposes. The short-term visas may be issued only for spouses of Korean citizens and/or entrepreneurs with urgent business purposes. 
  2. Those who are candidates for the Marriage Immigrant visa (F-6) under visa regular may not apply for the short-term visa. However, in consideration of the exceptional circumstances of Corona 19, those who are exempted from the International Marriage Guideline Program are eligible for the application of the short-term visa. 

Please refer to the visa-international marriage notice board on the embassy's website for exemptions from the International Marriage Information Program. 
  • For your reference, any short-stay visa holder is required to go to the government isolation center for their quarantine period when entering the country (although the spouse of Korean citizens may transfer from the government facility to their personal homes for self-isolation). Also, the spouses with short-term visas may not change their visa status to the Marriage Immigrant visa (F-6) while in Korea. 
  • Also, short-term stay (C-3) multi-visa issued before April 5, 2020 will not be available even if it is still valid. Please apply for a new visa in order to enter South Korea. 

Reference: Korea Embassy Website 

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