[TOKYO, JAPAN] 2020 Tokyo Olympics Cancelled Until July 2021

Tokyo, Japan skyline & Tokyo Tower

The only time that the Olympics got postponed or canceled is when a world war affected the world. And because of pandemic affecting millions of people worldwide, the supposed 2020 Tokyo Olympics got canceled and is now moved for 2021.   

It was announced last March by the Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe and International Olympic Committee (IOC) of the postponement of the most awaited sporting event. The Olympic Games will now start on July 23, 2021, until August 8. 

Tokyo Station

As one of the most visited countries,  Japan’s tourism will surge down along its cancellation to hold the Olympics.  Along with it is the invalidation of almost 750,000 visas issued by the Japanese embassies in 11 countries including the Philippines. Japan is considered as one of the top countries for many traveler’s bucket list, or to put it simply, a top tourist destination. Many travelers have dreamed of going to the ‘Land of the Rising Sun, however, given the circumstances, not many will be able to enter Japan. 

Asakusa Senso Ji Temple, Tokyo, Japan

This may come as sad news, but every storm has it’s own ray of light behind its dark clouds. The novel coronavirus or COVID-19 is just another storm, staying home and prevent oneself to get infected and just like the athletes that are participating in the Olympics, train the body to be strong even at home. Maybe next year won’t be just your next visit to Tokyo for the Olympicsbut it could also be your next travel or to some, their first travel experience to another destination of their choice. 

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