Prohibited Items You Can’t Bring to Hong Kong

Visitors, Workers or Residents ENTERING AND TRANSITING to Hong Kong should refrain from bringing restricted items, particularly stunning devices in their hand carried or checked in luggage, as reminded by the Office of the Philippine Consulate General in Hong Kong SAR.
The following items are prohibited under the Aviation Security ordinance or the Firearms and Ammunition Ordinance of Hong Kong:
  • Stun Guns
  • Pepper Spray
  • Tear Gas
  • Bullets
  • Extendible Batons
  • Flick knives
  • Knuckle Dusters

All hand-carried and checked-in luggage of passengers are subject to security screening in the Airport terminals.

Travelers arrested with prohibited weapons are usually prosecuted under Section 10, Aviation Security Ordinance, Cap 494, Laws of Hong Kong, wherein offenders are penalized with a maximum fine of HK$100.00 and a maximum sentence of 14 years imprisonment.

REF: ADV19- 212 DATED 15 MAY 2019

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