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Friday, March 1, 2019

Nyepi 2019: Silent Day in Bali, Indonesia

If you are heading to Bali in the next few days, you’ll want to read up on the details of Nyepi and how it affects you as a visitor.

The “Day of Silence” in Bali, known as Nyepi Day, that will fall on March 7 this year 2019, is an occasion unique to any other in the world. It’s a Silent Day for a day and a night in all Bali Region.

On that day, there are no activities allowed. No one is allowed to drive or walk around, and everyone is meant to stay indoors. There are also no flights schedule, no one can leave or enter Bali at that time unless it’s an emergency case.

One day before the Silent Day, March 6, 2019 (Wednesday), starts at 6:30 PM; there will be a parade of Ogoh ogoh in the form of giants around the village area. Ogoh ogoh is a kind of statue / giant doll in the form of evil spirit which is made of light materials such as the combination of wood, bamboo, paper, and styrofoam so it is easy to be lifted and paraded. It’s one of Hindu beliefs that is used to chase the evil spirit away from the house / village.

The day after Nyepi, March 8, 2019 (Friday), all activities will go back to its normal state.

We hope this peaceful Nyepi Day will bring you an unforgettable experience on the Magical Island of Bali.

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