Philippine Airlines (PAL) ventures into ferry services through its newest subsidiary, Mabuhay Maritime Express (MME). Giving tourist an option to travel from Kalibo, Aklan straight to Boracay Island.

Tuesday, October 23, Mabuhay Maritime Express launched their ferry services through a simulation ploy from Manila Bay Esplanade Ferry Port to Batangas.

Aside from the launching its fleet, MME introduces to media their newly constructed jetty port with a seating capacity of up to 400 passengers. The port is exclusive MME ferry with a commercial complex accessible via a new circumferential road that will take 7-10 minutes bus ride from Kalibo Airport (KLO).  Their exclusive Cagban jetty port is underway hence for the meantime they will be operational in the current Cagban Public Jetty Port in Boracay Island.

MME ferry is expected to sail over 27 knots making your transfers from Kalibo to Boracay an hour faster with only 1 hour and 30 minutes travel time. Currently, their vessel includes 2 fleets, namely MV Malambing and MV Magalang, both are tri-class vessels that can accommodate up to 410 passengers per vessel.

All class features onboard snacks & meals, seat stow away tray and seat pockets for your small things and life jackets at the bottom of the seats. The fare cost from P1,500 for regular class seats, P2,000 for premium class, and up to P2,500 for first class.

Regular Class

Traveling in a budget, you can opt for the regular class that can accommodate 286 passengers. Though the seat legroom is rather smaller than the other cabins, the regular class features a leatherette seat and a group-seating option perfect choice for family or friends who wanted to seat within the each other.  Located at the main deck of the vessel, there are four (4) restrooms available for both passenger and crew use.

Premium Class

If you'll prefer to travel in comfort, Premium Class offers bigger legroom than the regular class, a better view being located at the upper deck, and a reclining seat to ease your voyage. With a 70 seating capacity, this cabin has two (2) exclusive restrooms for premium passengers.

First Class

The other part of the upper deck is designed exclusively for the First Class passenger, with 54 seating capacity, passengers will travel in style and comfort in seats featuring spacious legroom, genuine leather, reclining seat, and USB charging ports.  One (1) restroom is also available exclusively to all passengers check-in on First Class.

Passengers in premium and First Class also have a few charging ports and an exclusive access to Deck lounge bar.

With the vessel's tri-class cabins you'll have more option to travel at ease whether you're on your own or with a group of friends & family.  And living up to PAL's mantra, MME is also expected of a quality service with the heart, from its attendant.

Aside from the modern facilities of the vessel, MME complements existing PAL flights, especially international flights, with an end-to-point service for seamless travel. Upon arriving at Kalibo Airport (KLO), a bus transfer will take the passengers to the MME Kalibo Jetty Port where they will check-in & board.
With the current trend of tourist preferring inter-island travel, MME aims to revolutionize and ease the passengers on their journey from Kalibo to Boracay even when they're on a budget.

So join as Mabuhay Maritime Express as they sail this October 26!

Watch this video for more details:

For more information, visit or call 6519000.

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