Rakso Travel received "Best Performance of Korea Bound Products" award from Korea Tourism Organization

December 06, 2023 - Rakso Travel was given the "Best Performance of Korea Bound Products" award, in recognition of Rakso Travel's steadfast support, continuous commitment, and dedicated service to the programs and projects of the Korea Tourism Organization.

As Korea welcomed more and more travelers through its open borders, Rakso Travel provided enticing tour packages to the cherished 'Land of the Morning Calm'.

Leading the way in product development, Rakso Travel has also started and successfully brought travelers to Korea through their NO-VISA charter flights to Yangyang and Jeju Island. Furthermore, Rakso continues to carefully craft programs by combining top-notch M.I.C.E-ready destinations for clients to experience various seasons and places in South Korea.

This award is a testament to Rakso Travel's continuous support in showcasing unwavering dedication to delivering top-notch service and innovative products, consistently prioritizing and understanding the client's needs and travel desires, and ensuring a quality experience every step of the way.


To learn more about Rakso Travel, visit www.RAKSOTRAVEL.com, send an email to support@raksotravel.com, or call 8651-9000.

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