Charles Bridge, Prague, Czech Republic - One of the most famous bridges in Europe

The breathtaking view of Charles Bridge

Charles Bridge is one of the most famous landmarks in Czech Republic. According to statistics, almost all tourists that come to Czech Republic have possibly crossed the bridge. Unlike other bridges in the world, this bridge has a big significance to the people in Czech Republic.


Charles Bridge can be found in the capital of Czech Republic in Prague. It connected the Old Town and the Lesser Town. The bridge is 516 meters long, 9.5 meters wide, 13 meters high, and it stands on 15 pillars. According to history, the bridge was originally named as "Stone Bridge" but now it is named in honor of King Charles IV. The bridge was built after the previous bridge “Judith Bridge” that has been destroyed by a flood. It is said that the king consulted a numerologist to determine the most auspicious time to begin the construction of the bridge which is July 9, 1357, at exactly 5:31 am. It took almost half a century to finish it. Until 1841, it was the only bridge over the Vlatava river.


Seize the moment when walking around the Charles Bridge

Crossing the bridge, you will find a lot of baroque statues. It has a total of 30 statues on the bridge. Each statue has its own stories and one of the famous statues in the bridge is St John of Nepomuck. According to stories, he is the priest assigned to hear the confession of the queen. One time, the king asks St John to tell him what the queen confesses because he is suspecting that the queen is hiding something from him but St John did not tell him the confession of the queen, so the king tortured him and threw his body in the river. The location where St John’s statue stands is the exact place where his body was thrown. According to some stories, if you rub the right picture in the statue, your wish will come true within 1 year and 1 day as long as you keep it a secret. 


The statue of St John has 5 stars in his head because according to stories, the person who discovered his body in the water saw him with 5 stars in his head.


Charles Bridge is not only a way to cross the river but it is also a destination. It offers a beautiful view of Prague Castle and the cathedral. Along the bridge, you can also hear a lot of live music from their talented musicians, buy souvenirs, artists who can paint your portrait, and photographers who shoot good photos of couples who want to get the romantic vibes of the city.


Talented musicians sharing their music to passersby

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