Unveil the Hidden Treasures of the Formosa Island (Taiwan)

Taiwan’s visa-free entry for Philippine passport holders is extended until July 2021. This is according to an announcement from the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office in the Philippines. This is also to further promote the New Southbound Policy, which strengthens the ties of the Taiwanese government to its neighboring countries in Southeast Asia.


Approximately 1 hour & 45 minutes flight via plane, Taiwan is one of the closest countries to visit for Filipinos. During the 16th century, Taiwan was named by the Portuguese “Formosa”, meaning a “Beautiful Island”. Aside from that, did you also know that Taiwan is rich in beautiful mountains? Most of its peaks are more than 3,000 meters high, making mountain climbing one of the most popular leisure activities in the country.

Rock formations at Yehliu Geopark


One of Taiwan's famous attractions is the Yehliu Geopark, a premier destination to visit located in Wanli District, New Taipei City. This place is one of the best natural geologies in the country where you will be able to see different rock formations eroded from the sea. This includes the famous “Queen’s Head” which was named after its resemblance with Queen Elizabeth I. Other remarkable formations include Kissing Rock, Elephant Rock Sea Candles and Fairy Shoe.


Due to its bizarre rocks and unique landscape, the park has been a source of local legends and enjoyable stories. One legend tells of a turtle-elf that does bad things that frightens local people. Because of this, the Jade Emperor punishes him by sending a fairy that can make him wounded. So every time the local people see smoke or spray on the water, they believe that it is the wounded turtle-elf’s breath.

Seaside around Yehliu Geopark


Taiwan is not just a bustling city full of skyscrapers. It also houses New Taipei City’s 40-meter tall waterfall that when light refracts through the water, a rainbow can be formed. It is known as the Shifen Waterfall! Shifen means ‘very’ or ‘fully’. The waterfall is also called the "Little Niagara”, definitely a must-see when in Taiwan!

Shifen Waterfall

Another attraction that you should visit is located in the Pingzi District, the Shifen Old Street - which historically built to be a means of transport for coal. Railroad tracks are still active, it runs through the old street. Though it doesn’t have safety fences around it and tourists need to step aside every time the train passes, locals always make sure that the safety of the tourists comes first. Aside from the thrilling activity where tourists can be able to witness the train as it passes slowly in a close distance, another exciting thing that you should do when in Shifen Old Street is the sky-lantern lighting. 

Shifen Old Street

The Sky Lantern Lighting in Shifen Old Street is an ancient practice of flying a sky lantern. But did you know the reason behind it? Legend says that lanterns are a way of communicating military intelligence. Another story says that when thieves wander along with the villages, lanterns symbolize a signal that thieves already left and that locals can safely return to their homes.

Tourists flying their own Sky Lantern

During the early days, locals were said to be passionate about agriculture and an active religion. Farmers make use of lanterns to send prayers to the gods for a fruitful year. They would also send their personal wishes, like asking for more boys to help them out in farming. These prayers were written onto the paper lanterns and then light it up to the sky for it to reach heaven, which is very visible up to this year.


Ever wonder what’s the meaning of every color of your sky lantern? Well if you wish to experience lighting up a sky lantern, you can choose which color to write your prayers with. Let’s say it is for health and peace, choose the color red. Pray for good fortune and wealth, write it in yellow or orange. Wishing for forever love with your partners, have it in pink. These are just a few of the colors to choose from, make sure to send all prayers to the right one.


Aside from the unique geological features and historical destinations of Taiwan, one of the tallest buildings in the world can be found here – the Taipei 101! Before the completion of Burj Khalifa in Dubai, Taipei 101 has been classified as number 1 the world’s tallest building from its opening in 2004 until 2009. You can also find the world’s largest and heaviest wind damper inside Taipei 101. The damper is a device used to reduce the wind and earthquake vibrations in the building. Did you know that it can reduce the movement of the building up to 40 percent? The damper’s diameter reaches 5.5 meters and weighs 660 metric tons.


Taipei 101

A close shot of Taipei 101

Could you just imagine that the damper moved 100 centimeters from its central position? Yes and this has been the biggest movement that Taipei 101 recorded. This happened last August 08, 2015, due to the strong winds that Typhoon Souled brought. Well, good thing that damper is in the building; it does keep the movement of the building controlled!

Damper inside Taipei 101

Being a well-developed city with its beautiful story and breathtaking landscapes, you should not miss the chance to visit this Taiwan. We are all patiently waiting on all the borders of the world to open. When all is good and back to normal, hopefully, we can all have the opportunity to have a break and enjoy the one of a kind – Taiwan!


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Blog Contributed by: Nina Gabica

Photos by: Rakso Travel & Nina Gabica 


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