The Hidden Gem of the Indian Ocean - Maldives

Do you know that there is a destination located in the Indian Ocean perfect for your beach getaway any time of the year? And the country that I am talking about is Maldives, a place with a beautiful collection of atolls surrounded by aquamarine waters, white-sand beaches, and rich marine resources.

Tourism is the biggest industry in Maldives offering locals and tourists crystal clear beaches, more than 200 resorts from budget inns to luxury hotel chains, and various water activities. The airport (Velana International Airport) is located in Male, Maldives' capital city that welcomes approximately 33 international airlines from different countries because of its accessibility to the rest of the world.

Now, let me share with you my memorable Maldivian experience, though short, it undeniably left me with nothing but beautiful memories.

A typical day in Maldives  where local and tourist enjoy swimming, paragliding, and other water activities

During this time, there is no direct flight from Manila to Male, but Singapore Airlines, Cathay Pacific, and AirAsia are some of the airlines that offer daily flights to Male, Maldives through their hubs.


My flight, along with the group arrived at night. Even so, we were welcomed by the hotel representatives that accompanied us to our resort transfer. Since we are in Maldives, instead of a coach that will take us to the resort, we boarded a speedboat that accommodates 20 persons at a time, excluding the resort staff. The trip was a swift 15 minutes.


At the jetty port, another Paradise Island Resort staff was waiting for us and accompanied us to the front desk. Welcome drinks were offered and a short briefing was conducted to discuss important details such as the time and location of breakfast, schedule of activities around the island, where to book the tours, etc. Shortly after, we were escorted to the dining hall for our meal.

Jetty port in Paradise Island Resort

After the meal, everyone was sent to their respective rooms on a caddie since it is quite a distance going to the room from the lobby. Each guest can also call the front desk if they need the caddie to fetch them from their room to anywhere they wanted to go around the island. 

While the sun was still up, we decided to roam around the resort and was stuck in awe by how beautiful and calming the beach and the sea was.

A perfect place to chill and reflect

With regards to the foods in Maldives, mostly are highly influenced by Indians and the Muslim religion. Most meals are spiced, seafood, chicken, and vegetable.


Though Maldives is a Muslim country, wearing swimsuits are perfectly okay within the island resorts. But if you plan to visit the local island and the city, appropriate clothing is still recommended with respect to their culture.


Numerous tour operators in the country operate separately from the resort and they do not accept pre-booking. Thus, water excursions should be coursed through the shore excursion desk.

If you're into water activities, you can enjoy island hopping, snorkeling, scuba diving, kayaking, windsurfing, and so much more. Another exciting activity that you should try when in Maldives is Shark Feeding. You can also opt to relax as the resort also offer spas and massages even when you're on the beach.

Baby sharks around the resort

Another astonishing experience that you can do is lounging on the resort's comfortable beach beds & relax whenever you want, PLUS, it is FREE. 

Maldives’ iconic over-the-water cottages are also available at most 4-star to 5-star resorts. The rooms are considered suites in regular hotels. These rooms have direct access to the ocean and it has its own pool or jacuzzis inside. A luxurious treat indeed.

It's no wonder why Maldives is a destination that everyone should visit at least once in their life. An amazing country that is also perfect for a birthday, wedding, anniversaries or any celebration at that.

What are you waiting for? Plan your Maldives trip and fly with us soon.

Blog Contributed by: Louise de Ocampo

Photos by: Louise de Ocampo




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