A Beginner's Guide to Tanah Lot Temple, Bali, Indonesia

One of the most popular destinations in the Indonesian archipelago is Bali. A province in Indonesia where Instagram-worthy photos of stunning beaches, temples, swings, rice terraces, and even gates can be enjoyed. Bali is said to be one of the most perfect honeymoon destinations in the world and a great place for yoga & meditation.

One of Bali's iconic landmarks is the Tanah Lota rock formation in an open sea with a beautiful temple on top. It is the most photographed tourist attraction on the island. So be sure to include Tanah Lot on your "must visit" list when you are in Bali. 

Here are some of the interesting information about Tanah Lot:

1. Tanah Lot came from the word "Tanah" means land and "Lot" which means the sea. Tanah Lot resembles a small island floating on the sea that's why people called it Tanah Lot.


2. The best time to visit Tanah Lot and witness the breathtaking sunset or the "golden hour" which the locals call it would be in the afternoon.

3. Tanah Lot has a source of holy spring water. It is located inside the cave where visitors can drink or just wash their hands and face which is believed to provide many benefits. According to the myth, the holy spring has the ability to cure diseases, give fertility for those who want to have children, and can bring good luck as well. 

4. Tanah Lot is also famous because of the presence of "holy snakes" in the cliffs of the temple. The sea snakes, which have a black and white color are believed to be the guardians of the area and its people from the bad & evil things. In return, people respect them and just leave them be in their natural habitat.


5. Have you heard about the Bali break-up curse? Actually, there are many myths about the area and this is one of the famous stories about Tanah Lot.  According to old folklore, a young prince and princess fall in love with each other while they were in Bali, Indonesia. They enjoyed the sunset in Tanah Lot and got intimate. But soon after their encounter, the prince left her and refused to marry her. The princess was devastated so she cursed the island and all unmarried couples who will visit the island will be doomed.

6. Tanah Lot Temple Dress Code

As we all know, when you visit any temples in Bali, both men and women should wear a sarong, scarf, or sash tied around the waist. However, if you will not enter the temple, any comfortable clothes will do.


Aside from the temple itself, there's more to explore around the Tanah Lot area such as spa treatments, classy boutiques & shops, beach activities, numerous restaurants that offers delicious food with a beautiful sunset view.  Aside from Tanah Lot, Bali has so much more to offer. Your holiday can be filled with culture, nature, art, shopping, history, activities, etc. Bali is indeed a perfect place not only for couples but also for families and friends.

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Photos by: Rakso Travel

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