[TRAVEL ADVISORY] Korea Embassy in the Philippines: Updated Guide of Visa Requirement during the Reinforced Visa Verification related to COVID19 (Excluding Hospital Certificate)

[UPDATE AS OF JAN 8, 2021] 

*Update: The previously required COVID-19 Non-symptoms certificate has been omitted from visa application requirements starting January 11th, 2021.

Currently, Korea Embassy receives visa applications only if there are diplomatic, official, and other humanitarian reasons.

If you apply for a visa for this reason, please prepare the following documents that you need to submit in addition to the existing visa application documents.​

Additional requirements during the reinforced visa verification

1. ​Consent to quarantine

2. Health Condition Report Form

If you do not submit additional documents, you will be denied a visa.

Reference: Embassy of the Republic of Korea in the Philippines Advisory as of Jan 8, 2021


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