[TRAVEL TIPS] RAKSO TRAVEL: Pay Your Travel Services Via BDO Online Bills Payment Using Mobile

Rakso Travel - we made payment easier for you, now you can pay online your travel services with us via BDO Online Bills Payment. Just follow the step by step procedure below.

Personal Online Banking - Bills Payment Guide using Mobile.

1. Using your BDO Mobile Application, log in to your BDO Online Banking.

2. Go to Pay Bills.

3. Under Pay Bills

  • Go to Pay this Company/Biller

  • From the drop down Company/Biller


  • Input “Amount”

  • Input Subscriber Number (Reference Number given by Rakso Travel)

  • Input Subscriber Name (Name of Payee)

  • Remarks field (optional).

4. Once filled up all the details, click "Continue" button. 

5. Confirmation message will appear.


Need help? Visit RAKSO TRAVEL's website at www.RAKSOTRAVEL.com or send an email at support@raksotravel.com.

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