What to Expect in Rakso Travel's Korea Spring Blossom

Its springtime is the second-best season in Korea where you can experience the bloom and sweet scent of spring. By March, you can already feel the change in the air, the beautiful color of its leaves, and the activities you can experience during this season. 
South Korea is a 4 hours trip from Manila. You have the option to choose whether you want to take a flight to Philippine Airlines, Asiana Airlines, or Korean Air. If you are on a budget, you can also take low-cost carriers like Cebu Pacific or Air Asia.  

We checked in with Philippine Airlines at least 3 hours before the departure flight, as we had an afternoon flight around 2:45 pm.  At the boarding gate, we waited for less than an hour until it's already boarding time. The flight has meals on board and on time. Upon arrival at Korea we had our dinner first and was sent to our hotel to stay there for a night. and will check out in the morning since our next location will be at Mt. Seorak which is quite far. Everything in the hotel is okay for me.  

Nami Island. Photo by Maynelle De Llave

On our second day, we checked out already from the hotel. This is the official start of our tour. We went to visit Nami Island. It is a one-hour trip from Incheon. Traveling to Nami Island is not just by land but also by ferry. It's just quite a short trip by ferry in order to go there. It's a pretty place and so big. Leaves are not yet in bloom and we can only see a normal color of trees but all of them are very tall and an amazing area to relax. It’s quite a long walk going to the perfect spot to take an Instagram worthy photo, but when you arrive there, it's definitely worth it.  

Nami Island. Photo by Maynelle De Llave

There are also coffee shops there when you can stay if you feel like you want to rest first. As advised, all wires for electricity at Nami Island are placed underground to preserve the nature of its beauty.  

Petite France, South Korea

The next spot we visited was Petite France. It is a famous filming location as several K-Dramas was shot here. The houses built here are very colorful and nice to take a photo of. There are also many groups of students for their field trip. It’s nice to know that students in Korea are very well trained at their very young age. They were thought to fall in line and trained to follow instructions and they are all very cute. In our meals, we always have a buffet hotel breakfast then our lunch and dinner is served at a local restaurant near the destination stop. So after our tour, we had our dinner then proceed back again to the hotel.  
N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea

The third day was a good morning since we needed to check out again then transfer to the capital city of Korea. Seoul, here we come! The first stop was at N Seoul tower Observatory. Even though I am just thinking of the tower, I already appreciate the other areas before going to the tower. It feels so refreshing and good sightseeing. We went to the top of the elevator and there we were able to see the view of Seoul. There is also photo stops there. It’s your choice if you want to take a photo there but it’s nice and worth it as a remembrance. 

Love Locks in N Seoul Tower, Seoul, South Korea. Photo by Maynelle De Llave

Lovelock and N Seoul tower are just beside each other. It is famous for lovers since you can put your names on the padlock and lock it there. It means that your love for each other will be strong and forever. There is a shop there where you can buy padlocks.  

The second stop is at Everland Theme park. It is the largest theme park located in the Gyeonggi area. I really enjoyed roaming around there but sadly I was able to experience only 2 rides since the lines are quite long. We also took our meal inside the park. After the tour, our last stop for the day is to enjoy watching Chef Show. It’s funny to watch and you will be amazed at how they perform while singing and dancing. They are also doing comedy shows at the same time. All people really enjoy the show.   

On the fourth day, after breakfast, we went to the famous Gyeongbok Palace. It was big and I could never have imagined all the history that the palace had seen until today. It’s very magnificent and every area has its own story. You can also experience wearing the Korean traditional costume there while exploring the palace. 

Experience Korean Street Food

After that, we pass by the Presidential Blue House before having shopping time at Ginseng center, Cosmetic shop, and Red Pine. We also enjoyed free shopping in Myeongdong Street. There are many street foods to enjoy there while buying your favorite stuff, souvenirs, and makeups. 

Photo by Maynelle De Llave

Almost all of them are on sale and fun to explore every store. They said that if the lines are long, then definitely you should give it a try. After exploring the street, we went back again to the hotel and some passengers decided to stay to do more shopping.  
It feels like we have missed Seoul already since it is the last day. After having breakfast, our last stop will be at Yunjoongro Cherry Blossom Street. Weather permitted us that is why we were able to visit there. It was great that we stopped over to take photos there as the cherry blossoms are already in bloom. After the tour, we went to a Korean souvenir supermarket before going back to Incheon International Airport for a departure flight going back to Manila. 

I had the best experience to explore and experience Seoul and definitely will come back soon. If it’s your first time to visit Seoul, joining group tours like this will be a perfect tour for you because it will lead you to the famous destinations in South Korea. So what are you waiting for? Join us now!  

 Blog contributed by Maynelle De Llave 


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