Foods You Can Try in South Korea

South Korea has become a must-visit country for most people, especially for fans of Kpop and Kdrama, along with its popularity around the world, South Korea has also become famous due to its mouth-watering cuisine. 

Samgyeopsal is a very well-known Korean food. It consists of thick slices of pork belly meat. Samgyeopsal means “three-layered pork” because it's usually eaten with ssamjang (a type of Korean sauce), and kimchi all wrapped in lettuce leave/s. The best way to eat your Samgyeopsal is with bare hands, and simply follow this short step to taste this pork wraps: Grab lettuce put meat on it; add some kimchi and other garnish; wrap everything with the lettuce like a gift wrap then and eat as a whole.   

The next one is the Korean Chicken Barbeque; this dish is a must-eat dish when you visit Nami Island. A lot of restaurants near the area offer a delicious Chicken BBQ. Similar to the Samgyeopsal, it is also best paired with ssamjang, lettuce wraps, and kimchi.  

Grilled Mackerel Fish is also a must-try dish of South Korea. Mackerel is best known for its protein, vitamins, and minerals. This dish is one of the most popular and common fish dishes in Korea. You can truly enjoy this dish regardless if you are a fan of fish dishes or not.  

Stir-Fried Chicken or known to locals as the Dak-galbi, is a spicy dish that most Korean love and it is popular in Chuncheon, a city in Gangwon Province. This dish is made of boneless chicken, rice cake, green cabbage, sweet potato, and other vegetables.  

If you happen to visit Jeju Island, you should try their famous Black Pork Barbeque. Jeju Black Pork is famous for its savory taste. This dish will be the highlight of your Jeju  Tour. 

Next is Kimbap, it is a dish that is made with rice, seasoned vegetables, egg, meat and pickled radish, rolled in seaweed. Kimbap is derived from two Korean words,kim means dried seaweed, and bap means rice. 

If you are fond of watching K-dramas you probably have seen these street foods. Fish cake and Corn dog is famous street food in South Korea. Fish cake is more commonly known as Eomuk or Odeng. 

Koreans are also known for their love for chicken and ramen. They love to pair up Chicken with beer which is known for locals as Chimaek. Chimaek is a word made by combining Chicken and Maekju (Beer). 

Aside from chicken, Koreans also love to eat Ramen, especially the spicy ones because Koreans are known for their interest in spicy foods.  

Below are the other Korean foods or snacks that you can enjoy.  

You can never go wrong with good food. Try out these foods on your next visit to South Korea. A great experience in a foreign country isn’t only about discovering and exploring places, sometimes it is also about trying out the local cuisine. 

 Blog and Photos contributed by Jona Sagala 
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