[RUSSIA] Fall in Love with Russia

Russia is one of the largest countries in the world. This is also a country that is now developing as one of the tourist destinations. Before, every time I heard Russia, I always imagine it as one of the scariest countries. 

I picture this country with a lot of soldiers carrying big guns in the street. I also imagined it as a country that is not tourist-friendly, but all of this changed when I visited it. There is a saying that we shouldn’t judge a book by its cover and this really applies to me when it comes to Russia. I easily judge the country without discovering it myself. I know some of you can relate to me when it comes to our impression about Russia, but do not live on that impression and try to visit and experience it yourself. You won’t regret it.  
In this blog allow me to tour you around Russia and give you some ideas about what to expect in this big country. I hope this blog will also encourage you to visit and experience this beautiful country. I will discuss the different aspects of why you need to visit Russia.  
Russia is famous for its distinct style in architecture. From their churches to castles. During my visit, I had the privilege to see some of the unique architectures they have. 
Khizi Museum

Khizi Museum. This museum is the largest open-air museum in Russia. The museum has a collection of wooden houses and churches. One of the building is The Church of Transfiguration, the structure is made only by interlocking woods, with no metal involved even a single nail.  
The Church of Transfiguration

Catherine Palace, the summer residence of the Russian Czars. The palace is found in St Petersburg which is located in the northern part of Russia. We were able to see its garden and some of its rooms.  
Catherine Palace

Church on Spilled Blood. This building is one of the main sights in St Petersburg. During our trip, we were not able to visit the inside but its outside view will already leave you awe.  

Church on Spilled Blood

St Basil’s Cathedral. A Christian Church and regarded as the symbol of the country 

St Basil’s Cathedral

Hermitage Museum. The second-largest art museum in the world 

Hermitage Museum

Russia has a very rich culture. One of their cultures is making their famous Matryoshka Doll. There are a lot of stories about where it did come from or started but one thing, we are sure that when you heard about this doll the first thing you will come to mind is Russia. 

Matryoshka Doll

They produced a lot of them. We were able to visit one of the places that make Matryoshka Doll. They painted it then sell as souvenirs. Nowadays, the doll is not only a painting of dolls wearing Russian dress but they are also had designs or paintings of the Soviet leaders, animals, and also floral themes. 
Matryoshka Doll Making

They say Russia is one of the countries where Vodka originates. This is one of the famous drinks that the country offers. From 15% to 40% alcohol content, name it and they have them. 

Vodka Museum

During our visit to Russia, we were able to visit their Vodka Museum and had a chance to taste them. We were also taught how they drink vodka. They usually drink it with salted pickles. 

Moscow’s train stations are the most beautiful train stations I have visited. It is like a museum; every station shows a work of arts in it. 

Moscow Metro Station

During our tour, we were able to experience riding their trains like locals. Getting on and off the train is like transferring from one museum to another.

I find Russians as one of the warmest people. They are accommodating and friendly. Most Russians can’t speak English. They are using the Russian alphabet which the letters are from Cyrillic script. During our trip, we visit one of the old houses in one of the provinces in Russia.
Meeting with a local

They offer us to show the parts of their house and how they preserve their food, especially during the winter season. They stored them in the ground of their house. As Russia is one of the coldest 
countries, they make sure that they have enough food during the winter season. They showed us how they normally live in their everyday life. 

They also invite us to have afternoon tea in their backyard. They can’t speak English but you can see to them that they are very welcoming and they enjoy showing their house to us.  

I hope this blog change your perspective on Russia. If I will be given a chance to go back to this country, I would love to grab it. Same as me when the time comes that you will able to visit this country, you will also FALL IN LOVE WITH RUSSIA.  
 Blog and Photos contributed by Allenie Leonoza 
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