[HONG KONG TRAVEL ADVISORY] Hong Kong Transit/Transfer Services from China Airports Resumes Until October 15

The pandemic has urged some countries to close their countries even their airports for receiving travelers, for entry or transit/transfer. Now Air transit/transfer services at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) have resumed gradually. 

Transfer/transit services at HKIA for passengers from airports in Mainland China resume from 15 August to 15 October 2020. However, transfer/transit services to destinations in Mainland China will remain unavailable at HKIA. 

Transfer/transit services at Hong Kong International Airport (HKIA) for passengers from airports in Mainland China will resume with effect from 15 August 2020 until 15 October 2020. On the other hand, transfer/transit services to destinations in Mainland China will remain unavailable at HKIA. 
The enhanced measures at HKIA introduced upon resumption of transfer/transit services starting 1 June 2020 will remain effective and applicable to all origins and destinations, including the requirement that transfer/transit flights operated by different airline groups must be booked under the same air ticket, and that passengers are checked through with both boarding passes printed and baggage tagged-through to final destination. The layover time of the transfer/transit passengers at HKIA must be within 24 hours. Passengers should also confirm in advance that they are able to enter the final destination. 
With regard to specific entry and health-related regulations imposed by other jurisdictions, airlines must ensure that, before boarding, passengers meet the immigration and health quarantine requirements of their final destinations, and comply with the transfer/transit requirements at HKIA, in order to avoid passengers stranded at HKIA. 

The resumption of transfer/transit services at HKIA starting 1 June 2020 has been implemented in a gradual and coordinated manner, having due regard to the need for public health protection with close monitoring of ongoing situation taking into account evolving circumstances. Airport Authority Hong Kong has implemented a host of enhanced health measures at HKIA: 

  • All passengers, including departing, arriving and transfer/transit passengers, as well as airport staff are required to wear face masks at all times at HKIA; 
  • All transfer/transit and arriving passengers must undergo body temperature screening upon arrival; 

To further minimise the risk of transmission and contact, transfer/transit passengers will be given stickers at transfer points for identification purpose and they are requested to go directly to the boarding gates for their connecting flights immediately. Designated seating area at each boarding gate and designated dining areas are set up for transfer/transit passengers; and Frontline airport staff will maintain appropriate social distancing from passengers. 

Reference: Hong Kong International Aiport Website 


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