[CRUISE] The World's Longest Roller Coaster at Sea

Now it seems strange to have roller coaster installed in a cruise ship, you’ll only see these movies or tv shows in CGI, or in animated films/series. But there are some cruise company have made these fantasy come to life, and Dream Cruise is getting along with the ride. 

A test setup has begun on the world’s longest roller coaster at sea, to be installed on board Dream Cruise ́s new ship - Global Dream, with the pre-assembly of their main attraction, “Dream Park at the Pier," the first theme park at sea. 


Photo Credit to Dream Cruises

Last October 2019, Dream Cruises and Maurer Rides announced that the world's longest roller coaster at sea will be on board the new Global Class cruise ship, Global Dream. Calling it the ‘Space Cruiser’ by Dream Cruises, this "Spike®-Coaster" type roller coaster will be the highlight of the very first theme park at sea - "Dream Park at the Pier”. The roller coaster is currently being built for testing in the immediate vicinity of the MV Werften shipyards in Germany. 


Photo Credit to Maurer Rides

Why is the construction on land important for the testing? Why not just test it on the cruise ship itself? Here’s why, according to Marco Hartwig, Project Manager Maurer Rides:  


"Among other things, the test setup will be used to test the installation methodology especially designed for ship assembly. Furthermore, the conductor rail and gear rack along the roller coaster track, which is necessary for the generation and transmission in the electric motor, can be installed on land in advance. 


Photo credit to Maurer Rides

This saves valuable time during the ship assembly. The aim is also to collect all the 93 support base points coordinates after the roller coaster has been completed and then forward them to the shipyard for preparation and positioning for the deck foundations. With the help of this elaborate procedure, we can ensure that the support base points on the deck of the ship are in the correct positions later.”  


Photo credit to Maurer Rides

Three Spike® vehicles will be put into operation step by step and the system control will be thoroughly tested, after the installation. After this procedure, the roller coaster leaves the test site in Güstrow, Germany, the system will be dismantled and transported to the shipyard for final assembly. 


Photo credit to Maurer Rides

“Dream Cruises is extremely excited to be working with Maurer Rides to create this spectacular new attraction at sea on board Global Dream. We are thrilled with the progress of the construction of the roller coaster and are excited to unveil this ride to our guests when our ship launches,” said Mr. Michael Goh, President of Dream Cruises. 


Imagine the sea breeze rush to your skin while at sea, Dream Cruise is bringing in-game with this new attraction! Adrenaline-junkie cruisers will be excited for this one. 


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