RAKSO TRAVEL Received 5 Major Recognition at the Korea Travel Awards 2019 by KTO

 Rakso Travel nailed it again! 

The five (5) major awards received by Rakso Travel

As Rakso Travel celebrates their 20th anniversary this year, they proudly conclude and bid farewell to 2019 with a rewarding and fulfilling end.   

Rakso Travel President and COO, Mr. Dong Seol Kim received the Top Performer Award from KTO Director, Mr. Jo Joon Kil

December 4, 2019, Rakso Travel received (5) major recognition in five (5) different categories two years in a row from the Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila for their exemplary sales performance in 2019.  

Mr. Juman Park (Rakso Travel Vice President and General Manager) received the Outstanding Partner Award for 2019 Director Jo Joon Kil of Korea Tourism Organization (KTO) Manila

Rakso Travel was honored as: 
1.) Outstanding Partner 2019
2.) Top Performer - MICE (Overall)
3.) Best Selling - Consortium Product
4.) Top Performer - Consortium Products
5.) Top Performer - Korea Fits You

KTO Director Jo Joon Kil presented the Top Performer MICE Award to Rakso Travel Assistant Manager for MICE, Vina Cuadra

Added to this was a Plaque of Appreciation for Rakso Travel’s unwavering support, ongoing commitment, and dedicated service towards the programs and projects of the Korea Tourism Organization. The KTO Korea Travel Awards 2019 was held at the Fairmont Hotel, Makati City.

Rakso could not have achieved all of these without their clients’ and travel partners’ continuous patronage and support. For the past 20 years, Rakso is consistently and passionately developing Korea destination with the Korea Tourism Organization as their major partner. 

Staying true to their commitment to provide quality service and product innovations, Rakso Travel continuously listen to their clients’ heartbeat and their travel desires.

To know more about Rakso Travel’s products and services, visit www.raksotravel.com.

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  1. It sure was an honor for the Rakso Travel for having to earn 5 awards in 5 different category. They sure deserve it considering the great service the have provided the travelers and consumer.