A Watermazing Fun with Philippine Institute for the Deaf

A proclamation signed on November 8, 1991, by then-President Corazon Aquino, cited that November 10-16 are observed as Deaf Awareness Week, focusing on public awareness of deafness prevention and rehabilitation, which can be an important part in developing nationalism.
As an early celebration of the Deaf Awareness Week, Rakso Travel and Aqua Planet celebrated Deaf Awareness Week early with Philippine Institute for the Deaf last October 20, 2019.

A team of volunteers from Rakso Travel went first to the school of the Philippine Institute for the Deaf to meet personally the children they will be spending time with during the whole day. A short introduction was held to let the children know which volunteer they are partnered with. 

"These kids really touched my heart and it’s an honor to be their teacher for 20 years, and seeing them in successful fields and lives… It's a great privilege to be a part of their milestone, hoping and praying that there will be more successful speaking Deafs from  Philippine Institute for the Deaf," said  Ms. Maricris Ibayan Principal of Philippine Institute for the Deaf, on how she went on to teach the Deaf Children. 
After they get to know each other and a short prayer, the children and teachers of Philippine Institute for the Deaf alongside Rakso’s Team of Volunteers went ahead to the main venue of their next adventure. 

Watermazing Fun @ Aqua Planet 

The Deaf children showed a lot of enthusiasm during the ride and upon arrival at Aqua Planet, they were in awe and full excitement as they saw the big water slides that they will be riding with their friends, old and new. 

Before everything, the water slides, Kevin Quiambao, Marketing Supervisor of Aqua Planet said a few words and instructions for the deaf children’s safety. After a while, Teachers from Philippine Institute for the Deaf and Volunteers had a short mini-game with the children and their new friends from Rakso. They went to many of the slides and pools open at Aqua Planet. 

“I am happy because it’s my first time to experience here in Aqua Planet,” said OB a Grade 12 student of Philippine Institute for the Deaf. 
There were a lot of times the students shouted excitement, and cheer after each one of them goes out of the big slides, showing only a little fear from the challenging height from the top of the slides. 

Ms. Thessa from Rakso Travel described her day with the Philippine Institute for the Deaf students “This event proves that there is a greater person beyond their disability and that disability bounds no boundaries when it comes to following your heartbeat.” 

“These children were amazing and can interact well, just like the other normal kids do. Even though they have a problem with their hearing and difficulty in speaking, they can communicate in a manner that can be understood by an ordinary person like me… They were all smiling and enthusiastic about the tour. There were no dull moments and they were very active and brave. It's just that I don't have a choice but to take extreme water activity rides with the students.” Ms. Charito Nario of Rakso Travel recalls her experience with Deaf Children.

“... regardless of gender, disability or condition, everyone deserves respect, that’s what we should give to our Deaf people or deaf friends because they deserve that and honestly they are just normal people who are not just able to hear… they are just differently-abled and that’s what makes them special and we’re (Aqua Planet) happy to receive them and see them having fun, hear their happy screams and enjoy the surroundings… receiving their positive feedback makes our hearts warm and we want to see them again…” - Mr. Kevin Quiambao, Marketing Supervisor of Aqua Planet, on his thoughts on Deaf Awareness. 

Ms. Maricris, the Principal of the Philippine Institute for the Deaf added “If they weren't able to respond to the questions... if they are having a hard time communicating they (deaf people) can write it down… it’s not that hard to communicate with them, you just need to get to know about their interests.”

“Achieving a dream with a problem is not difficult if (you) keep running and practicing because practice makes perfect” - Josh, a Grade 8 student of the Philippine Institute for the Deaf. 
“I’m proud to be deaf because my parents aren’t worried anymore. Being deaf is not a problem, because I can talk well, and I can play basketball” Kirvy, Grade 8 student of Philippine Institute for the Deaf.

The Deaf people aren’t as what other people thought, like the people who can hear, they can do and become who they want to be. Careful research and understanding, are the keys to a friendly and peaceful environment.
“I like to ride all because it makes me happy, Thank you Rakso and Aqua Planet.” - Ralph, Grade 6 student of the Philippine Institute for the Deaf.
“Thank you to Rakso Family for giving our students this great privilege and a great experience, I think this is one of the treasured moments of our kids and teachers who participated in this event.” - Ms. Maricris Ibayan Principal of Philippine Institute for the Deaf.

Cheers for another successful Corporate Social Responsibility from Rakso Travel together with Aqua Planet.

Watch our Full Video of the event itself here:


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