A Silent Heartbeat for a Watermazing Fun

Did you know? November 10 – 16 is observed as Deaf Awareness Week by virtue of Proclamation No. 829 signed on Nov. 8, 1991 by then President Corazon Aquino. The proclamation cited focuses on public awareness on deafness prevention and rehabilitation, in which can be an important part in developing nationalism.

Rakso Travel in partnership with Aqua Planet will have an early celebration of the Deaf Awareness Week on October 20, 2019, along with Philippines Institute for the Deaf whose mission is to empower Deaf Children to Listen, Learn, and Talk, with Hearing Peers.

You can also celebrate Deaf Awareness Week by doing some of these suggestions:
  • Learn sign language and teach to others
  • Encourage, advocate and promote deaf people as one-of-a-kind
  • Support deaf businesses
  • Emphasize the importance of sign language as a key part of human rights for deaf people

However, Deaf Awareness can be celebrated any time of the year, be an advocate, and support our Deaf friends.


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