Spend a One-Day Holiday Adventure Outside Manila

Spending holidays at home or at the mall can be tiring, or boring too some. It may be a rest day to some but other would definitely want to travel to some other place to spend some time with their loved ones.

Here are some recommended places only 2 hours away from Manila that you can definitely go have an adventure for just one day:

Trekking Taal Volcano


Have you ever gone to Tagaytay or Batangas and see the Taal Volcano across the waters? Were you ever curious on what is inside the Crater?

Well to give you an insight there is an island within a lake in an island, enclosed in another lake. Before you get confused, this type of formation was created because of the Taal Volcano’s previous eruptions. Because of this, it created a Crater, forming a lake inside an island; the water comes from the outside lake.

Got curious? Visit Taal Volcano and a day tour, trek the whole island on a 30-45 minutes hike to conquer the mountain through the wide hardened black lava to the rim of the crater, a view of the awesome moonlike landscape awaits. You can also rent and ride a horse going there if you prefer not to walk that long.


Villa Escudero


Located in Tiaong, Quezon, Villa Escudero is resort where locals and foreign tourist will want a taste of the simple yet relaxing country life. 

They have a unique restaurant where you can dine near a man-made waterfall. Eat local dishes and fresh fruits while feeling the flowing water. Not hungry? Well you can still enjoy the unique ambiance take photos and get a water massage by lying down at the bottom of the falls and get relax by the rush of the fresh water.

You can also Bamboo raft at Lake Labasin which have a majestic view of Mt. Banahaw.

Watch cultural shows performed by talented employees and musicians.

Or stroll around the place by riding a bike, a colorful e-jeepney or the carts that are being pulled by the Philippine national animal; Carabao, as you tour you’ll see some villagers that are wearing traditional Filipino clothing that will make you think you went back in time.

Don’t forget the museum filled impressive collection of religious and traditional Filipino artifacts this located inside the replica of the San Francisco church in Intramuros that is painted in pink.


Pagsanjan Falls

Want to go on a water-venture? Travel southwards pass through hectares of rice fields and coconut plantation until you arrive at the old town of Pagsanjan, Laguna and see one of the famous falls in the Philippines.


Before reaching the site of the waterfalls, you’ll have to ride a dugout canoe and experience a skilled boatman to guide you downstream to the rapid waters; they call it ‘shooting the rapids’. Why? The boatmen has to row through 14 rapids of the river as they steer past huge boulders in churning waters at top speeds for a fun and exhilarating ride until you reach the calm river of Pagsanjan.


As you go further, the wonders of nature will unfold right before your eyes where the sight of the lush greenery and towering cliffs above will add up to the endless thrills until you reach Pagsanjan Falls where you can freely swim, and discover a hidden cave behind the waters which the locals called Devil’s cave. 


Hidden Valley Spring


If the Pagsanjan ‘Shooting the rapids’ not for you, go to Alaminos and relax underneath the lush greenery of the Hidden Valley Springs.


 At the foot of Mount Makiling is literally a Hidden Valley, in both context and ambiance. It's only been a little over 100 years since it was actually discovered, so the name is inspired by being a hidden place! Founded in 1913, it was originally used only by Filipino aristocrats. In 1972, it was finally opened to the public.

The entire section is connected with Mt. Makiling, considered as a national park, where free-flowing waterfalls flow from the top to the natural pools; Three Hot Spring Pools, The Love Pool, and The Soda Pool (there’s a rumor that if you add cup of sugar it would taste like soda, hence the name of the pool).


Escape the city center’s hustle and bustle, and swim and chill in the largest forest pool natural paradise. With the verdant trees surrounding the perimeter, the ambiance will make you feel extra relaxed!



If you don’t have any plans or any place to go to, try these four destinations in the south!



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