RAKSO TRAVEL: Awarded as “TOP AGENT 2018” by Asiana Airlines

Cheers to 20 years of providing great service!

Last February 14, 2019, Rakso Travel has been awarded as the “Top Agent” in recognition for its outstanding 2018 performance. The awards ceremony was held at Milky Way, Makati City.

Rakso Travel’s COO Kim Dong Seol (left) received the award from Asiana Airlines’ Regional Manager Kee Phal Tae.

It has been a successful period for Rakso Travel; it also recently received the same award last 2017.

Big thanks to Rakso’s clients and travel partners’ continuous patronage that these awards were given to them.

Staying true to its commitment to provide quality service and product innovations, Rakso Travel continuously moves forward and follows its clients’ heartbeat, ensuring consistent professionalism.

To know more about Rakso Travel’s products and services, visit www.raksotravel.com.

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  1. RAKSO TRAVEL: Awarded as “TOP AGENT 2018” by Asiana Airlines
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