Starting 07 January 2019, an International Tourist Tax will be levied on travelers departing from Japan.

Rate of the International Tourist Tax
1,000 yen per departure from Japan

Revenues from the International Tourist Tax will be allocated to the following three areas:
(1) Create a more comfortable, stress-free tourist environment
(2) Improve access to information about a wide variety of attractions of Japan
(3) Develop tourist resources taking advantage of the unique cultural and natural assets of respective regions

Who will pay the tax?
Passengers leaving Japan by ship or aircraft

How to pay the tax?
You will pay the tax to the cruise line or airline you use to leave Japan.
The tax may be collected by another organization, such as the travel agency you use.

The “international tourist tax” is a scheme in which cruise lines and airlines (special tax collectors), in principle, must collect the “international tourist tax” from individuals departing from Japan (tax payers), for example by including the amount in their ticket prices. The collected payments are remitted to the Japanese Government.

People exempted from the International Tourist Tax
People meeting certain conditions, such as “children under the age of 2” and “those leaving Japan on or after January 7, 2019, using an air ticket issued before January 7, 2019,” are exempted from paying the “International Tourist Tax”.

For details about International Tourist Tax, please visit (www.nta.go.jp)

Reference: JNTO (Japan National Tourism Organization)

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