Wondering what's happening in Boracay now, this first day of the temporary closure? 

Here's the latest update of the activities in the Island from our Boracay Office:

         The beach is quiet and calm, far from the usual swarm of people in all corners

         Perhaps this is what the island looked like 10-20 years ago

         Locals are still bathing in the beach
         Spotted algae bloom in some parts of the shores

         The establishments are closed.

      The streets are crowded with hired people and volunteers who started the construction: road widening, digging, taking of the garbage and so on.

         You'll see the bulldozers, excavators, and garbage trucks around the roads

Both Filipinos and foreign nationals were saddened and somehow disappointed by the temporary closure of the ICONIC Philippines’ white-glimmering beach of Boracay. The closure might take 4-6 months. This is somehow regretful as Boracay Beach, a Philippine gem, is one of the most visited tourist destinations in the Philippines and at par with the world-class beaches of Phuket in Thailand and Bali in Indonesia. 

The photos may instill sadness in us but we have to realize that there is a flip side to these unbecoming photos. It indeed affects the commercial & economic sector of the island, but perhaps this is a way to heal the ailing Boracay paradise. We all hope that after this healing process, the new light of a better Boracay will shine!

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