One of the reasons why Filipinos hesitate to travel to countries with strict visa requirements (such as OECD-member countries) is the inability to comply with such requisites.  Even some Pinoys with capability to travel lack the required documents.

But, good news to those who want to travel to South Korea! SOKOR’s Ministry of Justice issued a memorandum of Temporary No-Visa Entry to Pyongchang Winter Olympics for a max stay of 15 days. The temporary visa leniency allows tourists from 3 Southeast Asian countries, including the Philippines, to visit Korea without visa thru Yangyang entry port only. Although the Olympics runs from Feb 9 to 25, 2018 only, the visa-free entry started last January 22 and will end on April 30, 2018 to boost tourist arrivals and spectators of the big event.
Yangyang Airport (Gangwon Province, South Korea)

A short list of Travel Agencies, which include Rakso Travel, were given authority by the Korean Embassy in the Philippines to process e-group entry permit. These Travel Agencies may arrange charter flights or transit flights from other countries going to Yangyang since there is no direct flight from PH to Yangyang.  Korean Air, on the other hand, will operate transfer flights from Incheon to Yangyang Airport from February 1 to 27 only.

Yangyang Airport (Gangwon Province, South Korea)

Yangyang Airport, Gangwon Province, South Korea photo by Charito Nario

As this is a rare opportunity for Filipinos to travel to Korea without visa, Rakso Travel is launching charter flights to Yangyang, with tour packages dubbed as Korea Spring Festival.  Departure dates are March 25, 29, April 1, 5 & 8 (for either 5D/4N or 4D/3N). The tour highlights not only Gangwon Province (site of the Pyeongchang Olympic Stadium - venue for the opening and closing ceremonies of the 2018 Winter Olympics and Paralympics) but also includes visit to Yongin and 2 nights stay in Seoul (the capital of South Korea).

Another way to get to the Land of the Morning Calm without a visa is through Jeju Island. Jeju is a Special Administrative Province (self-governing province) with different visa policy as compared to the mainland.  Nationals from over a 100 countries, including Filipinos, who are holding ordinary passports, are not required entry visa for a maximum stay of 30 days. But just like Yangyang, there is no direct commercial flight from the Philippines to Jeju.  But then again, Rakso Travel can take you to Jeju Island and experience Korea’s New Wonder, thru its charter flights direct from Manila.

For ten years now, Rakso Travel has been conducting Jeju Charter Flights and packaged tours for 3 different seasons per year. This coming springtime, Rakso has organized the following tour dates: March 24 – 28, March28 – 31, March 31 – 4, and Apr 4 – 7.  To know the tourist spots included in the tour, read this article, a unique springblossom awaits you in Jeju Island Korea! 

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