A unique spring blossom awaits you in Jeju Island Korea!

Like any other spring season tinged in pink and lilac colors because of cherry blossoms, Jeju Island also offers a unique blend of lush fields of yellow flowers standing from 3 to 6 feet high called "Canola". The canola blossom is a stunning experience, especially when in full bloom. This is just one of the many wonders offered by Jeju Island, a scenic, visa-free haven in South Korea that has become popular to Filipino tourists.

The Blossom Canola Filed

The Blossom Canola Filed

Jeju's cherry blossom

Famous for its UNESCO World Heritage sites, world-class theme parks, mouthwatering cuisine and great souvenir shopping, Jeju Island has the best of all worlds. It is a perfect getaway this summer vacation. And, with an affordable package tour from RAKSO TRAVEL , get to experience:

An Impressive scenery of Seongsun Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak), a UNESCO World Heritage Site, UNESCO World Geopark, a representative place in the World's 7 Natural Landscapes and one of 12 Korea Tourism Attractions Guinness. It is a volcanic crater with vertical cliffs rising up from the shore that look like a gigantic crown.

Seongsun Ilchubong (Sunrise Peak)

An ancient and picturesque Seoungeup Folk Village - where you can see 1890's Korean traditional houses.
Seungeup Folk Village

Fun watching the Painter's Hero Show , an innovative non-verbal performance that stages the entire process of painting, combined with incredible visual effects for a witty blend of mime, dance, and comedy.

Painter's Hero Show (one of the best theater shows in South Korea)

The Magnificent Hallim Park and Hyeopjaegul Cave , where you can see a botanical garden and the only known two-dimensional cave in the world.

Hallim Park

The famous Hello Kitty Island (Coffee or Tea excluded) - the four-story museum aims to let visitors experience "everything Hello Kitty" including history displays, a 3-D video show, drawing lessons, and a giant Hello Kitty house where you can see the kitten's iconic accessories in every room.

Hello Kitty Theme Park

Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff . Designated as the cultural monument of Jeju-do Island, here you will find stone pillars shaped like cubes or hexagons in various sizes piled up along the coast. It was formed when the lava from Mt. Halla flowed into the sea of Jungmun.

Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff

Daepo Jusangjeolli Cliff

Ecoland Theme Park  and see the Ecobridge Station - walk along the lake and pass by the Windmill - Lakeside Station - then back to the Main Station.

Ecoland Theme Park

Ecoland Theme Park

The unique and one of a kind Love Land , a sex-themed outdoor sculpture park created by a group of art school graduates from Seoul's Hongik University. (This theme park is for 18 years old and above only, 17 years old and below there and stay indoor game area).

Shopping to your heart's content  and many factory outlets, cosmetic shops, food and souvenir store.

Jeju Souvenirs
Local products

The author with Limitless Production Team at the Jeju Hyang Farm, Cheongjeyeon-ro, Siogwipo (sponsored trip by Rakso Travel last 2016)

For more information about Jeju tour program visit  www.raksotravel.com.

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The same write up published in the Philippine Star (April 7, 2017, Young-Star Lifestyle Section, page D3); Sun Star Davao & Pampanga (April 7, 2017, page # 12); & Sun Star Cebu (April 10, 2017 page 2)

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