Unleash Your Inner Child in South Korea's Largest Theme Park - Everland

When all of this is over, or when things are a little better, I plan to travel.


Deciding on my next travel destination will be a little bit difficult after more than a year of mostly staying at home. But after considering a few factors, I realized that I would want to go back to South KoreaWhy? Aside from it is probably one of the safest countries, dealing with the coronavirus better than the rest of the world, it is the location of many series that I binge-watched recently and home to one of the theme parks that I enjoyed a lot. Which one? It is the Everland.


Everland is South Korea's largest theme park which is just forty minutes away from Seoul. Pre-pandemic, it is reported that they receive around 6 million visitors each year. Yes, thinking about it is a vast number, but I am not surprised as I can imagine its massive complex accommodating that much.


Everland has five different themed zones that people of all ages can enjoy: Global Fair, American Adventure, Magic Land, European Adventure, and Zootopia.


Global Fair

The giant tree at the entrance of Everland

Upon entering the park, one cannot miss the magic tree. A visit to Everland can’t be complete without a photo in front of this big sight adorned with different decors depending on the season or occasion. Guests can also buy food and souvenirs in this section.


I haven’t checked it out during my first visit, but you can also watch the hologram of famous K-pop artists here.


American Adventure

Many fun rides are in this zone, but blame the weather as I wasn’t able to try them all. Here, you will get to learn more about American history and experience the Wild West fun. I must warn you though, hold on tight, as it will spin you just like the Hurricane and Double Rock Spin rides.


If you are faint-hearted like me, maybe you will enjoy this zone too. Calm your nerves and take a breath as you meet the friendly animals of Everland, like as if you are in a zoo and not in a theme park. You may also rest your tired legs and get a good view of the entire park by riding a cable car to this zone.


Instead of simple sightseeing, you can get closer to the animals through a safari ride. Meet giraffes, bears, lions, and even tigers as close as possible. Hop aboard a bus and come into proximity with the creatures you wouldn’t usually see roaming around.


Another adorable creatures that you can find in Everland are Pandas, and there’s something about them that makes it fun to stare at. They seem to be always lazy, but they are truly cute doing nothing, laying around, eating, or without an ounce of care about the people around them who are amazed at them in Everland’s Panda World.

Magic Land

If you have children with you or just a kid at heart, you will enjoy the Magic Land. The attractions in this zone are geared toward the young ones with more miniature rides like a racing coaster and flying elephants. Thunder Falls and Aesop’s Village can also be found here.

European Adventure

As its name suggests, this zone is inspired by European architecture. But, don’t be deceived by its manicured lawns and flower garden as thrill seekers’ favorite ride is also located in this part of the park.

The T Express, South Korea’s steepest rollercoaster, is a humongous wooden attraction that will leave you breathless, speechless, and with an ultimate adrenalin rush. I was teary-eyed after this most exhilarating ride of my life.


If the coaster with a top speed of 104 km/h is not enough for you, then, by all means, try the rotating house and be prepared to be amazed and, well, dizzy. During winter, it is also the perfect escape from the cold.

Completing the charm of this place are the different food kiosks, themed restaurants, and souvenir shops. If you want to blend in and have a complete theme park look, grab and buy a funky headband. Everland has different designs to choose from. LINE friends store and Pororo Shop are also around where you can purchase little stuff to take home as a bit of remembrance of this unforgettable trip.


Everland, like South Korea, has so much to offer that a single visit won’t suffice. Anyone can discover new fun things to do on each trip, and I can’t wait for my next.

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Blog contributed by: Jasna Caluag

Photos by: Everland Themepark



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