A Week in the Land of the Rising Sun - Japan

How would you react if you were informed that you’ll be able to spend eight days in Japan? You’ll probably be happy? Excited? Or maybe even ecstatic? Me? I felt none of those things. Call me a hard-to-please person, but really, I felt worried. How am I supposed to visit all my go-to places in just more or less a week’s time? That was the dominant thought in my mind. Little did I know, the tour package that I’ll be having will be more than enough to quench my thirst for Japan travel. It’s all thanks to Rakso Travel’s Japan Escapade.


This was already my second or was it my third time in Japan, but, nonetheless, I was still amazed. Setting foot in Japan soil feels like you’ve been transported to a totally different dimension. Japan with its culture of combined tradition and modernity is just stunning. Their airports are in a league of their own. One of the things you’ll immediately notice is the cleanliness and orderliness of almost everything. The Japanese are so organized that you’ll even get to see them perfectly lined up while waiting for trains or traffic lights.


I’ve been asked a few times before what do I like better. Osaka or Tokyo? I always answered Tokyo simply because I’m a city girl. Despite that, I can’t deny Osaka’s appeal. It’s definitely more mellow than the capital, but the number of tourists has been just the same, if not more.

In front of Osaka Castle, one of Japan’s famous landmarks

Some of the sites I visited were the Osaka Castle, Fushimi Inari Shrine, and the Arashiyama Bamboo Groove. You’ve probably seen these three spots in a lot of Japan postcards and travel ads already, but they are way more majestic up-close. The shrine with its over 1000 vermilion Torii gates were my favorite as I like the story behind it and it was just Instagram-worthy.


I could never have enough of Universal Studios Japan. If you are a Harry Potter fan like me, you can never get tired of the Wizarding World. Every inch of the place mesmerized me, especially Hogsmeade with its stores and architecture similar to that of my favorite literary creations of all time.

The iconic Hogwarts castle in the Wizarding World of Harry Potter, Universal Studios Japan

Harry Potter and the Forbidden Journey, Spider-Man, and Jurassic Park were definitely my top three rides. Lining up to try them was no joke, but 100% worth it.


This day was extra special because I was able to experience the famous Shinkansen, Japan’s bullet train. Aside from that, I got to shop ‘till I drop or should I say ‘till my budget allowed me at Gotemba Premium Outlet, where you can find the best deals of your favorite brands. I bought most of my pasalubongs here. I got to experience as well to stay a night in Ryokan, a Japanese-style hotel. At first, I was scared of the ambiance because I was used to staying in a city hotel full of noise. Wherein in Kawaguchiko, it was like you are in the province. Since we are staying in a Japanese-style hotel, we have to experience having dinner while wearing our Kimonos.

During our Japanese style dinner wearing our Kimono


A lot of people told me that I was so lucky. I was blessed enough to have a glimpse of Mt Fuji on my first try as it tends to be a shy mountain which shows up approximately 80 days in a year only. My picture-perfect photo in front of Fuji-san is the best souvenir of this trip.

Full view of Mt. Fuji while in Oshino Ninja Village

I’m no fan of ninjas, but I appreciated the Oshino Ninja Village, which is a ninja theme park with a traditional garden.


A day in one of my most-liked metropolis is a treat. You can easily get lost in translation, but, fret not, as their train system is one of the best. It can get you anywhere you want, anytime you want. Here, you can stop by the famous statue of the most loyal dog, Hachiko. While visiting him, you can see the world’s busiest pedestrian crosswalk, the Shibuya Crossing.

A visit in Japan is also not complete without a couple of trips to Don Quijote stores. You can even take your pick on which branch to shop in. Described as Japan’s biggest discount store, you can buy almost anything under the sun in this place at a good price.


A general view of the one and only DisneySea in the world

Choosing between Disneyland and DisneySea wasn’t an issue with me. I’ve always wanted to go to DisneySea as it is one of its kind. There is a total of six Disneylands in the world but there’s only one DisneySea. This particular theme park is more geared towards adults and dares to be different and unique than your usual Disney theme parks.

Should you want to decide which park to go to at the last minute (provided you have to choose only one), you don’t have to worry as both are situated in the Disney Resort. You can definitely change your mind at the last minute.

DAY 8 – BYE!

To be honest, a week or maybe even a month will never be enough to fully experience Japan. It’s a country I wish to get to know more about visiting each year. Unfortunately, the pandemic has hampered this plan. Once our situation is better, I will definitely go back and I won’t even complain about spending just a week in this amazing country.

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Blog Contributor: Jasna Caluag

Photos by: Jasna Caluag and Rakso Travel



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