Lagen Island: Your Luxurious Eco-Sanctuary Island in El Nido, Palawan

A Sophisticated luxury island escape covering 4 hectares of lush green-bluish water and towering limestone, El Nido Resort Lagen Island boasts its aesthetic scream of simplicity, natural tones, and charming beauty. El Nido Resorts’ Eco-Sanctuary island resort has the densest forest over limestone out of the 45 islands and islets of Bacuit Bay.


Ideal for all ages, from a couple who see intimate escapes to a group of families who traveled for total relaxation that both offers beach and the wilderness. Experience vacation out of your ordinary travel routine and be indulge in isolated luxury yet comfortably casual island resort. The island has a lot to offer, from room services to outdoor water sports and island-hopping adventures. The resort has its eco-luxury atmosphere featuring 51 rooms with floating water cottages, villas, and suites.


Designed for maximum tranquility and calming atmosphere, all room features an old Filipino homes and furnishing that evokes a quiet and charming place to stay, from sliding glass doors to a private veranda and from floating cottages to villas that provides a panoramic view.


With a size of 23 square meters, the Forest Room is perfect for garden lovers as it faces directly to the lush forest. Completes in-room amenities, comfy bed, and adjacent to other rooms with lower and upper accommodations. This can occupy up to 3 persons.


Spanning 53 square meters, the water cottage offers an exciting experience as it is built to float in the water. Lovable veranda, exquisite atmosphere, and homey arrangement welcomes you warmly.


The Beachfront area is located in the area that gives the best views of the cove and sunset. It has easy access to the club and the resort's pool. With 53 square meters in size, it can accommodate up to 3 persons.



Tired of your journey? No worries, the resort offers a pampering spa and massage services ready to refresh and rejuvenate your exhausted body. Don't miss trying their local spa techniques with natural oils that include Asian, European, and tropical face and body spa treatments ready for your next activity under the sun.


Very truly, the pool boasts you its touch of tropical lush, fascinatingly surrounded by coconut trees with just the clubhouse on its proximity and fun-loving beach chairs and pool bars around.


One of the most awaited moments on the island is when you're about to take your meals at the Clubhouse restaurant. Serving multiple choices of international and Filipino cuisines with lovely veranda, Of course, never missed the wide selection of seafood! Clubhouse restaurant can accommodate up to 100 persons for its dining area.


Check out the island’s gift shop where you can grab some cute local souvenirs on your way home like summer hats, keychains, t-shirts, etc.


If you worry that your kids will find it boring to stay on the island, no need to! Because there is an area for kids in the resort where they can play along with other kids and meet new friends while on vacation.


If you need to bring your work on your stay? Worry not! Lagen is equipped with a library and conference room that meets your business needs while being away from your work environment. This chilling library has desktop computers available and a selection of books, while the conference is equipped with a projector and other tools you might find helpful.



There are several dive/diving courses being offered at the resort such as  Fun Dive, Night dive, Scuba diving, Open water course, Buble maker for kids, Open water. You must try any of these activities and experience an unforgettable encounter with marine life and the breathtaking beauty underwater. With the island being rich in biodiversity, the resort hired its own professional divers to guide you all along depending on your level of experience and professionalism in diving courses.


Looking for a not-so-exhausting activity while enjoying paradise? Well, Kayaking is a must especially for travel enthusiasts of all levels. It is a wonderful way to quietly discover the shallow waters at the edge of a cove and enjoying the view along with your loved ones.


Swim your heart out in El Nido's famous lagoons and beaches or Snorkel through El Nido's crystal clear water and be amazed by the exquisite coral reefs underneath. Island hopping is one of Lagen Resort's pride that offers a private or group tour with fellow house guests. 

Just a tip, be sure to not miss Big Lagoon on your list!


Perfectly romantic? You can have that at Lagen Island! You can request a romantic dinner set or arrange your dream wedding by the beach, full of glory, peaceful, romantic, and intimately made for you, your partner, and your loved one. 

Experience life at Lagen island! 


We have an ongoing promo package in El Nido Resort Lagen Island for 4 Days & 3 Nights starting at PHP 44,500.00 per person for a minimum of two persons. 

The package includes AIRFARE & FULL BOARD MEALS for some selected travel dates from March to May  2021. 

How to get there?

Airswift offers a daily flight from Manila to El Nido Palawan. Travel time is approximately 1 hr and 40 mins. From Lio airport to El Nido port, a 15 mins ride then, 50 minutes boat ride follows to Lagen Island

Address: El Nido, Palawan 5313 Philippines


Blog Contributed by: Isabel Sampaga

Photos by: Lagen Island & Rakso Travel




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