[PHILIPPINES TRAVEL ADVISORY] Korea Embassy in the Philippines: Submission of PCR Negative Certification for Ships departing from the Philippines


Seaman on board ships departing from the Philippines and entering South Korea must submit PCR negative certification to the quarantine authorities after entering South Korea. This PCR negative certification must be issued by the Korean Embassy-designated hospital and must be issued within 48 hours of departure date from the Philippines.


In connection with this, the Korea Disease Control Agency will grant  an exception to the '48-hour before departure date' validity rule if it is unable to depart at the scheduled departure time due to any of the following reasons(However, the reason must be proved):


(i) When departure from port has been postponed due to worsening weather conditions caused by weather and wave height, etc.

and natural disasters.

(ii) When departure from port has been postponed due to a failure of ship, etc.

(iii) When the chief of quarantine authority considers that departure from the port has been postponed due to unavoidable reasons.


If you have any other questions, please contact ph_visa@mofa.go.kr.

Reference: Embassy of the Republic of Korea as of Oct 29, 2020

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