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Tuesday, August 25, 2020

[TOHOKU, JAPAN] Japan's Hidden Paradise: Places to Visit in North Tohoku

Nebuta Museum WARASSE, Aomori, Japan

A vast country filled with incredible places to visit — Japan offers a wide variety of fun-filled activities that you must try. While most travelers check out Tokyo, Osaka, and Kyoto; there’s so much more to this country than the busy metropolitans.  

Located north of Tokyo, on the island of Honshu, Tohoku region is known for its spectacular mountains, lakes, streams, and temples. This blog will give you an insight of the must-visit places in North Tohoku. 


A unique restaurant located in Morioka, a place where you can enjoy soba and challenge yourself at the same time. Visitors compete for the number of bowls finished.  


Also known as “Pure Land Beach'', is one of the most famous places of Tōhoku. a 40-minute boat ride which lets you enjoy the scenic beauty of Jodogahama. Passengers are also given a bag of crackers that can be fed to the seagulls. Don't miss the chance to spend a night at Park Hotel Jodogahama and experience the traditional Japanese hospitality.  


Wander inside one of the Three Great Limestone Caves in Japan. Be marveled by its vivid blue underground lakes and extraordinary rock formations. it's a must-see for adventure seekers! 


Never miss to visit these colorful Japanese retro stalls which offer a good variety of local Japanese food and entertainment!  


A small island located in Hachinohe, Aomori. It is designated as a national natural monument and a breeding place for black-tailed gulls. 


A giant marketplace filled with freshly caught seafood, dried goods, and meats. A famous restaurant is located inside the facility, the Shichirin-mura. Here you can grill over a charcoal fresh seafood bought from one of the market’s many stalls. A cheap and fun way to enjoy Hachinohe’s seafood!  


Witness how Japanese sake is being made and get a chance to taste it yourself! After this, you might want to experience “Niida Maru”, a pleasure boat that tours you around the port of Hachinohe while enjoying a meal on the traditional tatami mats. 


A place that introduces the rich history of the Aomori Nebuta Festival. Visitors can see the vibrant and colorful floats that participated in the festival and Nebuta Faces that show the individuality of their respective creators. 

This museum also offers activities that you can enjoy! 

Right next to the museum is the site of this memorial ship.  Visitors can start the tour on the promenade deck, which has been converted into a museum exhibiting the people and culture of Aomori Port. You can also see preserved cabins inside the ship. 

What's a better place to buy local goods from Aomori than A-Factory? A market-style shopping center that sells local products such as sweets, processed goods, fresh vegetables and fruits.  

This place is the home of the most beautiful sceneries you’ve ever laid your eyes on. Tohoku was more than you'd ever expected, that even the photos wouldn’t give justice on how beautiful this place truly is. 
 Blog and Photos contributed by Gem Puerto 
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