[DAMYANG, SOUTH KOREA] Walk Thru Nature Parks in Damyang, South Korea

Traveling to see other country’s popular attractions is the main reason why we travel and visit a country, but aside from traveling for that reason some do travel for nature. The fresh air you can breathe, the unique smell of leaves around the place, and the bright shade of the sun.  

Feel the calm and peaceful ambiance as you walk and see the tall trees and green leaves that fall to the ground. This is what you can expect when you visit the Damyang province of South Korea.
Damyang can be found in Jeollanam-do South Korea. Known for its bamboo products and strawberries.  Here are some of the places you can visit in Damyang County: 


Damyang Bamboo Park also known as Juknok Won is filled with tall and green bamboos that creep to one another. If you haven’t been to a bamboo park before and you love this kind of trees, this park is worth a visit.  

There are also a lot of Korean movies that were filmed in the bamboo park. You can see a man-made stream, a bamboo exhibition hall, a pavilion, and some bamboo gazebos and an art gallery and gift shop that sells some delicious ice cream. The trail that you will follow is not that hard because you can feel the cool breeze and a nice shade to protect you from the sun while you have your peaceful walk. 

Also found in Damyang County, the Metasequoia tree-lined road is one of Korea's beautiful paths to walk thru aside from the trees in Nami Island. It was also selected as one of the most beautiful roads in South Korea by the Korea Forest Service in 2002 for being one of the most popular destinations during summer for its tall trees and green leaves. 
Visiting nature-themed destinations is a must. All of us need to have a break and be able to breathe some cool and fresh air. These kinds of places help us keep our mind in a peaceful state and have the strength to deal with our own lives, once the tour is done. 

Get a gram-worthy picture and share with your friends the uniqueness of nature beauty. And don’t forget “Take only memories, leave only footprints.” ~ Chief Seattle 
 Blog and Photos contributed by Nadine Claveria 
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