The Diving Paradise of the South

Batangas, as most of the locals know, is popular for its spectacular cuisines, numerous beaches, and divine diving spots and one of these diving spots can be found at the simple municipality of Bauan, Batangas.

Bauan is a first-class municipality in Batangas that hides a few paradises up its sleeves, especially for the diving enthusiasts.  Just a 2-hour drive from Metro Manila, you can laze away at the beach resorts from countless unnamed beaches here such as Ligpo Island, a scuba diving and beach spot, there's also Binukbok View Point which is popular for snorkeling and the most wonderful sea-life of all is at Dive & Trek Marine Sanctuary.

You won't have a pristine-white-sand beach here because it's mostly rocky, but Bauan doesn't brag with beaches. They pride themselves with diving spots that will indeed astound you.


Continue reading to get an idea on how to make your stay in Batangas, magical.

From Metro Manila, you need be on the road by 6 in the morning (Philippine Time) the drive alone is 2 hours from the metro. Arrive at Seahouse Dive Resort at around 8:30 AM, do a quick outfit change and briefing at the resort then sail away to the first, stop for your island-hopping.


1. Unnamed Beach in Bauan


Chances of stopping at a nearby beach, is high. And it might be that one beach that doesn’t have a name that we stopped by for a quick dip. The locals there won’t give a specific name.

There are a few resorts on this beach and it was packed with locals making the most of the summer (we went last April 2019). The beach is rocky and seemed accessible via boat only as you won’t see any road behind the resorts. There were available beach huts, a floating hut owned by one of the resort's which is a perfect spot for an afternoon sunset show, and of course what makes the island lively are the ball activities by the beach and music coming from a karaoke.

The water here is clear and at shallow depths, you can already see a few coral gardens. It’s a nice small beach for a quick dip or lunch stopover.


2. Snorkeling at Marine Sanctuary

Located near Bonukbok View Point, this marine sanctuary is (for us) the best snorkeling spot we have ever been to. You just need to pick the best time to snorkel and see various fishes around without the effort of snorkeling in the water. 

From the plain small ones up to the huge and multicolored school of fishes, they were all swimming around.  Plus there might be a school of Bigeye Trevally fishes which might excite you enough to try to get close to them and playfully break their wall.


3. Scuba Diving Experience

The main highlight and Bauan doesn't disappoint when it comes to Scuba diving. At 5m deep, you can already see sea turtles. How amazing is that? To think these sea creatures are a bit shy to the world.  Then at 20m deep, you’ll reach a flourishing garden of the sea, filled with colorful fishes, and vast blooming corals.

You can wrap the day with a late lunch back at the resort. After lunch, When you head back to Manila via Taal, stopover and see some of the heritage sites there.

So that's one way to spend your weekend in Batangas.

If you're all for a beach getaway, head west to Anilao or to Nasugbu. However, if it's pristine dive sites you want, then you better not miss Bauan Batangas’ hidden gems!


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