Packing Tips and Techniques for Men

We often feel anxious whenever we are about to pack our stuff for traveling. Just thinking about what to bring can overwhelm you and definitely stress you out. 

First, don’t panic and ask these simple questions:
     What is the weather like in the place where you’re going?
     What you’ll be doing on the trip?
     How long are you going to be traveling?

Once you answered these questions, packing can be somehow less horrific than you thought. It’s also a good thing that there are a lot of techniques on how you can bring much stuff by maximizing your luggage capacity. Read on to get some tips on how you can pack for your travel. 

Roll and Fold
Rolling can help maximize space by compressing your clothing to make it easier to pack and avoid wrinkling.
What you need to do:
1.    Lay the shirt flat and fold both sides of the sleeve towards the chest
2.    Roll the shirt from top to bottom
3.    You can either leave it like that or fold the roll in the middle.
 2 Sec Fold
This type of fold is very useful if you’re in a rush, it’s very simple and fast.
 What you need to do:
1.    There are three points you have to pinch; points A, B and C. Pinch Point A (top neckline) and Point B (middle line), with your hand holding point A pinch Point C (bottom hemline).
2.    While holding all three points, lift the shirt and flip. It looks fast but with practice, you’ll get the hang of it!

Military/Ranger Roll
An advanced type of rolling your clothes. This is more efficient than the regular type of roll since it makes your clothes more compact but usually, this is more suitable for t-shirts.
What you need to do:
1.    Fold 2 inches from the bottom of your shirt. This will turn into a pocket.
2.    Then fold both sides of the sleeve towards the chest
3.    Now fold both sides of the shirt towards the center
4.    Roll the shirt from bottom to top
5.    The pocket you created will be used to turn it inside out
Sandwich Fold
1.   Fold your pants in half.
2.   Fold it by 3s, starting from the top
3.   Insert the other end of your pants to the pocket created by the first fold
*It’s optional to place your shirt inside the space between your pants. To make it easier to match your clothes.


Shoes are bulky, and it takes a lot of room in your luggage. You can utilize your shoes’ opening or mouth by:
     Putting your socks and other small stuff inside it.
     Wrap or store your shoes in plastic to avoid dirtying your clean clothes.


1.    Plan your outfits by checking the weather condition of the place you’re going to.
2.    Keep toiletries and other grooming items in a separate pouch.
3.    Wear your bulkiest items, like a jacket and one of the two pairs of shoes you’re going to bring.
4.    Don’t pack “just in case” items.
5.  Most importantly, DON’T LEAVE YOUR PACKING AT THE LAST MINUTE.               
Now you’re all set and ready to travel!

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