Explore and discover different places with Rakso Travel and earn points that can be redeemed for Rakso’s products and services of your choice. You may even share these points with your family and friends.

Read this blog to find the answers to your questions about the R-Points Membership.

What is R-Points Membership?

R-Points Membership is a loyalty program offered by Rakso Travel to both new and existing clients.

Is it free?

Yes, it’s absolutely free. Just fill up the application form personally, online or send an e-mail at cns@raksoair.com.

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How to register?

1.         Online at https://www.raksotravel.com/member_joinus.aspx
2.         Call or visit Rakso’s offices
3.         Email at cns@raksoair.com

Rakso Travel can also facilitate registration during event, like travel expos & event exhibits.

How to log in?

2. Just type in your e-mail address and password
*You can also check your transactions and points in your account.

Is there a loyalty card?

As of the moment, Rakso Travel is still processing the details regarding the card.

How can I earn points?

Here are the corresponding points to your transactions:

- Upon Registration: 200 points
- International Tickets: 10 points / person
- Free & Easy Cruise: 20-50 points / person
- Group Tour Package: 10% of Tour Cost / person
- Referral with Finalized Transaction – 100 points / person (one time only)
Note: Bookings made during special promotions will have different R-Points pointing system.

 Those who register during expo were given a special freebies.

How do I redeem my points?

There are qualification requirements for every redemption:

- Minimum of 500 points is required for every redemption
- Redemption of Rakso Products and Services will be subject for availability
- Redemption should follow Rakso Travel’s Booking Terms and Conditions

How do I transfer my points?

Members who wish to transfer points must send an e-mail to cns@raksoair.com indicating:

- E-mail address of the person receiving the points
- How many points to transfer
Note: Please send/bring a copy of your valid Government issued ID for transferring points and redeeming items.

If you are not yet a member, register now - it's free, and enjoy a truly worthwhile experience with Rakso’s R-Points.

For more information, visit https://www.raksotravel.com/info/rpoints.aspx.

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