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National Palace Museum. One of the largest museum in the world which houses around 700,000 pieces collection of ancient China artifacts and artworks. Photo by Jerald Facun. 

Here it is! Finally, the Taipei Economic and Cultural Office (TECO) in the Philippines officially announces yesterday the grant of VISA-FREE entry to Filipino citizen (Philippines passport holder) who intend to visit the Republic of China (Taiwan, ROS) starting November 1, 2017, for a period not exceeding 14-days. 

The visa-free implementation shall undergo a trial basis for nine months from November 1, 2017, until July 31, 2018. This is in effect of Taiwan's "Southbound Policy" to build an exchange visits and economic community between Taiwan and the Philippines. 

In line with the visa-free entry, Filipino must have the following requirements:
(1) Ordinary or regular passport at least 6-months valid on the date of entry. Diplomatic and official passport holders are not eligible for visa-free;
(2) Traveler must secure a round-trip ticket to and from the origin or a ticket to next destination and a visa if required;
(3) No criminal record in Taiwan; and
(4) Proof of accommodation (it can be a hotel booking or sponsor's contact information or arrangements of tour, travel, visit, events and meeting etc.

For more information, follow Taiwan VISA-free entry and available Taiwan Tour Packages 

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